Why are the UK trade talks with the EU such a big deal? Similar conditions and restrictions are made in trade agreements round the world all the time.

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Not exactly.

While trade talks about globally, the UK-EU talks are somewhat special for 2 reasons.

,The first is that the 2 economies were tightly intertwined and this makes the trade talks much harder.

Where does the old line stop and the new one begin? How many divorces are pleasant for all involved?,The second is that the requests from the UK to the EU are not the same as what other countries are making.

,Most FTAs are just about gaining market access, not much more.

In the EU-UK talks, there is much more going on.

As a simple example, how many Canadian or Japanese or Korean truck drivers expect to drive off a ferry and into the EU? Just that component is complex.

If the driver is British and employed by a UK company and is driving to the Ukraine across the EU, whose laws does the driver have to adhere to? If he is allowed to drive 3 hours at a stretch in the UK and only 2 hours in the EU, how is his contract affected? By adhering to the EU laws, he will be in breach of his delivery schedule and therefore will be penalised by his UK contract.

If he does not adhere to EU laws, then he is essentially a criminal (someone who breaks laws)u2026 now, who gets access to his driving record? The UK because it is a UK truck or the EU because he is driving in the EU?,Simple, right? I made that example much, much simpler than it actually is.

There are about 50 issues just around Cabotage rights alone.

,How many agreements such as these are made around the world? How many countries think their laws should be upheld in the EU? Because that is what we are saying when we say the ECJ should not be the arbiter of EU lawsu2026,How about another simple exampleu2026 Do you think that Canadians expect the EU to provide criminal records for any person crossing the border? That is not in the EU-Canada FTAu2026,We can try to make it sound simple, it is about fish, about sovereignty, about free trade, and if that was all it was about, then the agreement would be dead easy.


What this is is much more complex, it is about redefining the boundaries between 2 parties that were living together and will now live just across the street from each other.

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SARC ON! Drink vodsky & chillsky, Rusky patriotsky.

u201cBehind the Wheel & Not Drunk!u201d is a legendary Soviet-Russian automobile magazine foundered in the 1970s, when for the first time ever half a million Soviet men acquired private transport with bribes and favorsu2026only to realise thereu2019re no repair shops.

,Soviet cars were destined to be disassembled for scrap metal and sold on black market by its indignant owners, had the Soviet government not avoided the disaster by launching an auto magazine.

,It provided hands-on knowledge of how to fix Soviet cars in your garage that broke once a week like a clock, and showed photos of foreign cars that the readers could afford only if they defected to the West with blueprints of secret weapons.

,Today, our correspondent is at the KAMAZ auto factory in Naberizhnii Chelni.

,KAMAZ heavy trucks are perhaps the most famous for their orange color that allows drivers to see and fail to avoid head collision when one of them is barreling in zig-zags in the incoming lane, in pitch darkness, on the icy road, with potholes and no guide rails.

,Our correspondent spoke with the director of the factory Ivan Ivanov, Hero of Russia, who had just returned from a four-month vacation in Italy.


Ivanov spoke proudly of a fleet of fifteen new electric buses, which are going on a two-mile loop in the centre of Moscow making more noise than regular buses.

,CORRESPONDENT,Where does the noise come from? Asking for a friend.

,IVANOV,KAMAZu2019s electric busu2019s interior heater is powered with diesel from a 70-litre tank of u201csolyarkau201d diesel fuel.

As a result, the stink of solyarka vapors in the winter is so overwhelming that some passengers (who pay three times more for the privilege of riding an electric bus) claim they cause hallucinations.

,CORRESPONDENT,I heard of young people spending the whole day on your buses sniffing solyarka vapours.

,IVANOV,When a driver sees a person with a suspiciously big smile on the face, he/she is asked to alight right away.

,CORRESPONDENT,Can you confirm rumours that your buses are environmentally less friendly than regular Russian buses that are pretty bad by any standards?,IVANOV,The effect of burned diesel is exacerbated by the charging station powered with the energy from the heat power station that also burns fuel like thereu2019s no tomorrow.

Since the bus is charged at the end of every brief trip around the block for twenty minutes, the total damage to environment exceeds that of a regular bus.


That means we can sell oil to foreignsky indefinitely.


,CORRESPONDENT,Letu2019s talk about your new truck that is Coming Soon! Updated! Upgraded! Wow!,IVANOV,Did you know thereu2019re 100,000 parts in a modern foreignsky truck? When we learned about it on Wikipedia, we called up every foreign truck manufacturer and offered to sign an agreement to use only 10,000 parts, which is already stretching out logistics to the limit.

,CORRESPONDENT,Did they agree?,IVANOV,We pleaded, offered bribes, but they wouldnt consent, damn Russophobs! See, we are in an unfair position - we have to align our subcontractors who go on random vodka binges and take random long trips overseas.

,We have a subcontractor in a city that doesnu2019t have a bridge.

He carries spacers and nuts in a backpack on his back in the winter.

,Once, he fell through the ice and all our spacers and bolts sunk to the bottom of the river.

Divers were on a vodka binge and we had to wait seven days and when the divers fetched the backpack all that metal was corroded with rust.

Of course we still used the parts in our new trucks.

,Now imagine building a truck with 100,000 parts - itu2019s a logistical nightmare!,CORRESPONDENT,Whatu2019s your solution?,IVANOV,So what we do is take a longer view with my pension in mind.

Only fools rush in.

We build two prototypes for international fairs and shows within three, maybe four years.

,Once prototypes are ready, this will provide us with three-four months every year traveling to fairs and shows, away from this depressing town.

Iu2019m talking business class flight tickets, suites in five star hotels, private guides, escort service on tap.

,Additionally, when many scrapped their plans to participate in Dakar races over financial difficulties, we didnu2019t.

Win or lose, participation is marketing.

Throw in our obligatory annual three-month vacations and you got yourself covered.

,CORRESPONDENT,What do officials say?,IVANOV,We have a five year plan for older officials who have Soviet mindset and love to see five year plans on paper printed by old typewriters.

We are in no rush, we tell them.

Because we canu2019t ride right into the club of u201c100K Partsu201d like me and my colleagues drive on the road shoulder to beat traffic.

This doesnu2019t work in the West, this is what I explain to officials who also take a long view with their pensions in mind.

,By 2031, the year of my retirement, we will have built twenty seven units.

Itu2019s about 0.

001% of what our competitors will have produced.

We believe itu2019s a good number.

,CORRESPONDENT,Itu2019s better than twenty six.

Thank you, sir and good luck!

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Trucking company owner operator lease termination agreement

Yes, it absolutely is true.

I was a lease purchase driver for Werner (via their subsidiary, Pegasus) from late 2006-early 2010.

There were plenty of weeks I made far less than minimum wage.

Weeks where I actually owed them money for the privilege of having worked for them.

Tallying it all up, I made about 30% less than I wouldve made had I been a company driver.

,I tried politely to get out of my contract, they didnt care.

So in early February I simply brought the truck to the main terminal in Nebraska, parked it there, gave the keys to the shop, and took a Greyhound bus over to another companys main terminal and started orientation there.

Never looked back.

Couple weeks later I got a call from someone at Pegasus wanting to know where their truck was, I explained what happened, and that was the last I ever heard of it.

,Technically they couldve sued me for about $40,000 and won, right up until the statute of limitations on collections ran out four years later.

Thankfully they didnt.

,I still lost pretty much everything, its taken me the last seven years to rebuild my credit (had my car repossessed, got evicted from my house, several credit cards charged off, my fiancee left me, even my bank closed my checking account and sent it to collections because it had been overdrawn for so long) and get back to some semblance of stability.

,Having said all that, its a small subset of drivers who are subject to this crap.

Company drivers as well as actual owner-operators are basically immune to it; only drivers in a lease purchase agreement seem to have this problem.

I know Ill never lease another truck again.

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I did it on a dare.

,Wanting to be an over-the-road trucker is one of my earliest memories.

One major obstacle stood in my way.

Im Jewish.

My mother told me there was no such thing as a Jewish truck driver.

From an early age it was drilled into my head that good Jewish boys went to college to become successful whatevers and the measure of their worth was determined by the number of letters they accumulated after their name.

,I tried the college thing.

I wanted to follow in my grandfathers footsteps by becoming a cop.

I majored in Law Enforcement and Corrections.

In my junior year I began applying to police forces only to find out that I couldnt qualify because of my eyesight.

I didnt have the mandatory minimum uncorrected vision.

I was heartbroken.

I felt like I had just wasted two and a half years of my life and my grandfathers inheritance.

,I dropped out and drifted around from one dead end retail management job to another for the next decade or so.

I absolutely hated it.

It wasnt what I wanted to do.

,Finally, one night at dinner my wife asked me, and this is verbatim, u201cYoure miserable.

Youre making me miserable.

Whats your problem?u201d,I told her, I hated my fuckinu2019 job.

,Again, verbatim she asked, u201cWell, what do you wanna be when you grow up?u201d,u201cA truck driveru201d, I mumbled into my plate without looking up.

,u201cWhat?u201d,u201cI wanna be a fuckin truck driver!u201d, I said more emphatically.

,u201cWell, whats stopping you?u201d,I told her that Id have to quit my job and go without an income for 2 months while I earned my CDL.

,u201cSo?u201d,u201cWhat do you mean u2018so?u201d, I fired back.

,u201cI mean, Ive seen your bank account.

I know youve got a few bucks stashed away.

Im working.

I can cover the bills for two months.

Now whats your excuse?u201d,I couldnt come up with one.

Two of my customers told me about a trucking school they had attended down in the city and both were doing very well for themselves.

I went down and checked it out.

They offered financial aid and had a 98% job placement rating.

They also were a member of the Better Business Bureau and had no complaints lodged against them.

Now I really didnt have any reason.

,So, I did it.

I made the leap on a dare.

It turned out to be one of the three best decisions of my life.

,In retrospect however, I believe my wife had an ulterior motive.

It was her way of getting rid of me and still keeping the cash flow going.

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I saw your other question and went back through your questions.

You appear to have been working as a truck driver.

Is that the field for which you received your job offer and LMIA?,Did Immigration Canada give you a reason for the refusal? There should be something.

,Getting a job offer as a truck driver seems unusual because you would not be automatically qualified to work as a truck driver in Canada.

Have you ever driven in snow? On ice?,According to your history, you were driving truck in Dubai.

You also mention having limited education.

Do you have any professional training as a truck driver? Have you ever driven a truck in Canada? Have you even obtained a regular driveru2019s license in Canada?,If the answer to all the above questions is u201cnou201d, why would anyone hire you as a truck driver for Canada? This is especially strange since there are people in Canada already licensed to drive trucks, who have experience driving in Canadau2019s winter conditions, and who have completed courses in truck driving at Canadian vocational colleges.

For example, this course is offered at the local university in my city.

,Overview | Driver Training | VIUTruck driving is a field where there have been active immigration scams and employer abuse.

I donu2019t know why your application was turned down, but I do know the following article was recently published in Canadau2019s national newspaper.

It is one of many articles on immigration scams targeting people who want to come to Canada.

,TRUCKING JOB FRAUD EXPLOITS IMMIGRANTS & RISKS LIVESDid you pay for that job offer and LMIA because a consultant told you that was a sure route into Canada? If so, youu2019ve been scammed.

Your money is gone.

You do not have documents that are valid to get into Canada plus Immigration Canada now has a file on you indicating potential fraud.