Where can I find sample contract that vendors or service providers enter into with a deals site?

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service agreement or supply contract - basic template and structureheading/titledescription/purpose/the service (basically the product/service description)parties (supplier and client - including addresses)dateterritory/geographical coverage,definitions - essential glossary root of frequently occurring items in the document,term - period of agreementpricing (refer if appropriate to attached schedule)pricing adjustment (for example annual increases linked to suitable index),responsibilities of provider - include or append details of services and SLAs (service level agreements),responsibilities of client,payment termsconfidentiality,dispute and arbitration process,termination and force majeure,renegotiation/renewal,prevailing laws,signatures and witnesses,Where necessary append to the contract any detailed schedules (which be can changed over time, subject to the agreement as a whole), for example SLAs (service level agreements).

SLAs are basically detailed standards of performance for individual service aspects, e.


, response times, reporting and monitoring, liaison with other suppliers, and specific detailed deliverables.

Large complex agreements might have many pages of complicated SLAs appended, which would be referenced in the service description section and responsibilities of the provider.

Such an agreement would also need to state the terms governing the alteration of SLAs, which is where the whole thing can potentially disappear up its own backside if you fail to keep a clear head, and a tight rein on the lawyers.

,In any event a decent corporate solicitor will help (and is usually sensible to consult anyway for anything beyond relatively small business supply situations) to draft the final document, and will probably have all sorts of sample templates and contract examples, although do not engage a solicitor to work too early in the process of drafting the contract: you should first consider and write down the basic supply arrangements before asking a solicitor to get involved in the detail; the solicitor is responsible for the legal wording, not for the operational aspects of the supply arrangements or the basic business proposition (unless the proposition is such that it requires legal input and approval anyway).

,Remember:,The solicitor is responsible for wording and legal structure of contracts.

You are responsible for deciding your terms of trading.

,Certain supply arrangements can involve a supplementary contract or agreement, notably in the case of leasing or financing where another party provides funding, in which case the main service or supply contract must make appropriate reference to the supplementary agreement, and must integrate relevant terms with it, and not conflict with anything contained within it.

,As already indicated, for small supply arrangements, which carry minimal liabilities, especially where a small provider is supplying a larger corporation, it is perfectly acceptable to administer the contract documentation in the shape of a simple exchange of letters.

In this process, one party, normally the supplier, simply writes to the prospective customer, stating the terms and details of the supply.

The structured list of headings above can be used as a basis for an exchange of letters or as a check-list in creating a letter.

The prospective customer is then able to suggest amendments to the letter, and so this process continues until agreement is reached, which is finally reflected in a simple exchange of two identical letters, each signed by both parties.

This contractual process is a lot less formal, and generally a lot less expensive and time-consuming than involving solicitors, which many small providers usually prefer to avoid if they can.

,Small providers can commonly save a lot of time and effort by asking large prospective customers if they already have a standard supply agreement, which many do and are happy to extend to new suppliers for adaptation.

,Finally, when and if you use a solicitor or lawyer to help draft a service contract or agreement, you will save a huge amount of time and expense if you first think about and write down the essential workings and expectations of the supply arrangement.

,The solicitors job is to formulate an effective legal document - not to design the supply arrangement.

You must therefore involve the solicitor after you have thought through and written down the supply arrangement.

,The more work you can do in completing the section headings shown in this guide, then the less you will end up paying your solicitor, and the quicker your solicitor will be able to produce a final version.

Simple confidentiality statement sample

There is no other TV show as eternal or as enchanting as Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I truly believe that.

,Not only is this one of the greatest, if not the greatest, animated cartoons of all time, it is quite possible one of the most perfectly constructed television shows in the history of the medium.

,To think that such a show was crafted with loving care and attention by human beings is also unbelievable.

,,(This review section is spoiler-free).

,It is important to question this: is Avatar: The Last Airbender made for children or adults?,The literal answer is obvious: it was produced by American individuals in the mode of an animated cartoon for a young Western audience.

But with the level of authenticity, originality and inspiration in terms of its world-building, thematic and character depth, the latter audience becomes much more considered.

,The reason why I posit if Avatar is made for children or adults is the fact that it somehow manages to be incredibly relevant for both, and attaching a profound layer of identity as you watched it once as a child and then watched it again as an adult, having seen or starting to see more of lifeu2019s harsh realities.

,Not many shows are capable of that feat, if any.

,The show is a quintessential Herou2019s Journey trope, yet masterfully told and expertly layered.

,The World of Avatar is so outlandish, yet familiar.

So wonderful, yet depraved.

So enlightening, yet distraught.

,The world is divided into four distinct entities, each tied to one of the four classical elements: water, earth, fire and air.

These bodies are divided into the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads.

,In each nation, a certain number of people possess the ability to telekinetically manipulate their corresponding element through the form of martial arts.

This magic system is called u2018bendingu2019.

,Only a special figure referred to as the u201cAvataru201d can master all four elements.

When they die, the Avatar is reincarnated into the next nation in the Avatar Cycle.

They act as a mediator of peace and balance between the material world and its adjacent Spirit World, as well as between humans.

,It is about the journey of our main hero Avatar Aang, re-awakening in a world scarred by a century of warfare which he failed to meet at its inception and must now work as hard as he can to master all four elements to defeat the Fire Nation.

,The most exceptional factor that I can attest to Avataru2019s eternal quality is that of its development.

,Each season - referred to as Books, and the episodes, chapters - builds upon the fundamental basics established in the show.

New characters and plot points are introduced, more facets of the world and how it behaves and reacts are explored in greater detail; this is the greatest strength of the series.

,It has a clear sense of progression from beginning to end.

The majority of episodes can stand alone as their miniature taste of what this sweeping tale offers to a newcomer, while - to an observant participant - their deliberate placing in relation to past or future episodes serve to expound upon something which was established or to resolve it.

,Especially if you are an adult, there are a multitude of minute details that connect the overarching story into a tapestry of majesty.

Ideas, themes, morals, comedy, drama, adventure and fantasy all combine into this captivating story of good triumphing over evil.

,Avatar: The Last Airbender has experienced a Renaissance in the past year or so, not simply because of a dedicated fandom who consistently watch it repeatedly, but because it is a show given enough depth that people like myself - who watched it as children and now as adults - continue to re-interpret its material and find a new and fresh way of appreciating it in the fifteen years since its debut.

,It is a show that fails to be described by words because of how much it leaves you speechless.

,,(This review section will contain spoilers.

You have been warned).

,I previously mentioned that the greatest factor to Avataru2019s eternal quality is its development.

One such quantity that is developed to an inexplicably fantastic degree are the characters.

,Every person met in the show - young and old, major and minor - feels like a real person, no matter how much they contribute to the plot of an episode or the overall story.

,Our main ensemble cast - Team Avatar, and a few significant additions - are pubescent children struggling to grasp their sense of identity and role in the world and in this war that they have been unjustly thrown into as part of the showu2019s exploration on the rather deadened trope of u201cdestinyu201d.

,Yet, somehow, it works.


,Every character feels instantly recognisable and becomes increasingly memorable the longer you follow them on their journey.

,From Aangu2019s reluctance to be the hero, Sokkau2019s wisecracking immaturity and Tophu2019s sarcastic stubbornness to Irohu2019s wisdom founded upon suffering, Azulau2019s insatiable desire to feel loved yet never understanding it and the representation of one of the most layered and distinguished redemption arcs in the history of media.

,Whether youu2019re the most optimistic or cynical member of television viewership, you will undoubtedly become intrigued with the character of Zuko.

,There is nothing I can add further than hasnu2019t already been praised and discussed endlessly with this person.

Zukou2019s journey is almost as important, if not more, than that of Aang.

,His growth from the impatient and angry banished prince of the Fire Nation, scarred by his abusive father, to joining the side of the Avatar and helping him restore balance to the world is so tactful, unapologetic and compelling on a scale I believe cannot be compared.

,Not every character receives this quality of depth, but, subsequently, they may not or do not have to.

Each character has their own level of purpose, personality and direction within the showu2019s framework.

,Letu2019s not forget that this show wants to accommodate children too, so it can stick to simpler tropes like the evil dictator who wants to take over the world.

,Simple does not necessarily, or immediately, equal a poorer quality of writing or characterisation.

This is the case with main antagonist Fire Lord Ozai.

,He is a cliche that creeps into every layer of the storytelling hierarchy, yet he still feels purposeful.

,He has a sense of place within Avataru2019s narrative, if nothing else to prop up the development and resolution of any number of our explored characters arcs, like that of the titular Last Airbender, Aang, or that with his estranged son.

,I mentioned before in a sense that, if watched as a child then re-watched as an adult, Avatar offers so vast a complex quantity in its level of compelling storytelling, character growth, world-building and moral and thematic foundation when dealing with politics and ethics.

,One unfathomably profound concept is that of genocide.

,A major formation of the World of Avatar one hundred years after the Fire Nation started the war was the genocidal strike against the Air Nomads.

,The Fire Lord who began the war, Sozin, wanted to rule the world unopposed, so because the next Avatar would be an Air Nomad, he elected to wipe them all out.

,This theme of massacring an entire cultural identity is one that is ominously and immediately real, becauseu2026 well, we tried it before, didnu2019t we?,This is what makes Avataru2019s narrative so engaging.

It is not afraid to tackle themes and ideas that parents would think are more suitable for an adolescent and adult audience.

,But the show isnu2019t nearly as patronising as that.

,Children are introduced to the idea of wiping out a massive group of people - in the seriesu2019 third episode - in a way that both haunts and enlightens the audience.

What is more important is how it affects Aang and how it deepens his character.

,He is a boy burdened with a monumental responsibility and, rather than confront it, fled on his sky bison, Appa, which resulted in the near-extinction of his society and culture.

,This makes Aangu2019s journey to embrace his destiny as the Avatar and end the war peacefully more meaningful.

He failed to do it once; he cannot let it happen again.

,,In the showu2019s endeavours to gradually make established elements and peoples more complex, they introduce Long Feng and the Dai Li to convey the theme of totalitarianism.

,In the latter half of the second Book, Team Avatar have lost the sky bison Appa, and their investigation leads them to the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se.

,They have invaluable information about an imminent solar eclipse which would grant an opportunity of invading the Fire Nation when their firebending is neutralised.

However, despite their attempts to discuss this with the Earth King, Long Feng and the Dai Li secret police prevent them from doing so.

,They rationalise that constant news of a war with the Fire Nation would only throw the city into chaos, ruining their way of life.

By silencing the entire populace into submission and keeping the Earth King completely oblivious to the occurrences beyond his palace walls, Long Feng ensures that Ba Sing Se is, quote, u201cthe last utopia on Earth.

u201d,This use of propaganda, brainwashing and censorship is brought into full and unflinching relief when the Dai Li brainwash an established freedom fighter called Jet.

,Here, we are safe.

Here, we are freeu2026This is expertly done because it ties into the showu2019s efforts to make established places like the Earth Kingdom more complex.

In the first Book, the Earth Kingdom is seen as a typically oppressed ally of Team Avatar, fighting back against the Fire Nation however it can.

,Then Book 2 peels back the curtain, demonstrating that not everyone that we believe is our friend would be our friend.

These are all human beings trying to do what they believe is right, but that still doesnu2019t make it right.

,This is the same idea with the Fire Nation but in reverse.

,Up until the third season, nearly every person from the Fire Nation is either insufferably evil and imperialistic (like that of Admiral Zhao) or at least u201cnot-as-badu201d, like with Zuko and Iroh.

,The early leg of Book 3u2019s run details Team Avataru2019s journey into the Fire Nation.

They see impoverished towns, schoolchildren indoctrinated by propaganda, innocent folk terrorised by a u2018puppetmasteru2019 and a visit to a Fire Nation swords-master proves that a group of rotten apples are not indicative of the entire orchard.

,This is not to say that any fictional animated cartoon, past or future, havenu2019t been able to ground such mature and adult themes into their stories, but there is something about the presentation of described themes in Avatar that makes it that much more meaningful, whether uplifting or harrowing.

,,But, of course, Avatar, like any other critically acclaimed media product, is widely recognised for its eclectic yet endearing cast of characters.

,Iu2019ve touched on Aang, Zuko and Ozai.

But there are so many more.

,There is the waterbending prodigy Katara.

Her journey has a particular focus on maternity and femininity, as she is often characterised to be the u201cnurturingu201d member of the group.

Katara grows more endearing when we see how the death of her mother Kya forces her to mature in a way that no normal budding teenager should have to deal with.

,She is demonstrably flawed as well, sometimes more conservative than characters like Toph would agree with, and is pushed at one significant juncture to the brink of her moral boundaries.

,Katara is essentially feminism done right, and that is definitely saying something with regards to societyu2019s current standards on the subject.

,Then there is Sokka.

,Sokka is usually designated the main source of comedic relief in the series.

While being hilarious in his own immature way, Sokkau2019s role in the story is marked by his noticeable inability to bend an element, instead possessing a militaristic and inventive mind when it comes to warfare.

,Sokka is a statement on masculinity, both the toxic and the empowering.

His journey is knowing where he is needed the most as a young man.

He grows from a petulant sexist who couldnu2019t hit an otter penguin with his whale-tooth spear to a competent swordsman who could plan, execute and then briefly co-ordinate an invasion force.

,If thatu2019s not growth, weu2019re thinking too little.

,There is the self-proclaimed greatest earthbender in the world, Toph Beifong.

,Toph is a peculiar character.

One would believe that she doesnu2019t experience as considerable a journey of change and discovery that our other characters do.

,But when the stubborn, blunt and hardened blind twelve-year-old does erode a little, it gives us a rare and confidential insight into her behaviour and emotional state.

This is just as intriguing as when the more outgoing characters express themselves, because Toph is the character we associate with being emotionally barricaded.

,But, she is twelve-years-old and has never had a real friend before Team Avatar came along.

Thatu2019s probably why.

,And then there was the wisest man who ever lived, Iroh, the Dragon of the West.

,Iroh initially seems to be the bohemian and esteemed uncle of Zuko, but, once more this showu2019s fantastic quality of character development illuminates Iroh as one of the most endearing characters of all.

,For in much wisdom is much grief, as Iroh does all that he can to keep his impassioned nephew on the u2018rightu2019 path, when he struggled and suffered down that path, previously.

,These characters are just a small sample of what the show has to offer; fictional characters with individual personalities, insecurities and motivations which bounce off of one another with as much chemical energy as a kilogramu2019s worth of caesium dropped into a freshwater pond.

,,In summation, Avatar: The Last Airbender has enjoyed a diverse, flexible, driven and enduring legacy that has proven itself to be far beyond the sum of its parts.

,No other television show - before or after, animated or no - would have an easy job of rivalling, let alone comparing, with this simple story of eternal quality.

,There are imperfections, of course.

What thing created by human beings can be considered perfect?,But when we get really close to perfection, it shows.

And this series is as close as it gets.

Confidentiality Agreement template free

Several popular NDA formats in Word and Excel;,40 Non Disclosure Agreement Templates, Samples & Forms u1405 Template LabTop 5 Free Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates MS Excel PDF files,FREE 8+ Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Forms in MS Word | PDFNondisclosure Agreement (NDA) Templates - Confidentiality Agreement Legal Zoom

Sample confidentiality agreement for employees

Generally speaking, no Google employee, and almost no former Google employee is actually going to answer this question by providing you with sample interview questions, unless they are already on the banned questions list; that way theres no danger of you ever getting asked the question in an interview.

,If someone who currently works for them were to give you an answer, those questions would immediately go on the banned questions list.

No one likes to give up their favorite baseline question like that, since then they have to pick a new one for the interviews in the future, and it makes it harder to calibrate vs.

other candidates.

,If someone who used to work for Google gave you an answer, it would kind of indicate to their current or future employers about how (not) seriously they do or dont take their confidentiality agreements.

,It wouldnt be a total deal breaker, but it would make me, personally, think twice about hiring someone into a position where they are expected to maintain confidentiality, particularly if they felt fine about giving away that information merely because they were no longer employed by me.

,The only type of answer where you may get a disgruntled former employee giving real information would be anonymous, and since Google is pretty good at machine learning, theyd probably give you exactly one of the questions they were asked, so as to not show themselves violating confidentiality.

Theyd also most likely only give you a single question, since any more would bird-dog them to the hiring committee by intersection set.

,If it were a relatively unique question, thats make it more likely that theyd get caught out, and if its a question that was used, but is now banned, the ban date would also set up a time window during which they were interviewing people.




Ill give you a hypothetical question, which Im not aware exists in the interview questions list, banned or otherwise:,Say it was your job to de-anonymize someone who was posting Google Interview questions; what kinds of things would you do to try and figure out who was throwing their confidentiality agreement out the window?Realize that theres probably someone on one of the hiring committees who wrote this as a 20% time project just because they thought it was fun to try and figure this sort of thing out, and they wanted a fun deep learning project to practice on.

,Yeah, thats the kind of people Google hires.

Non disclosure agreement for business idea template

A few years ago I came up with a concept that I showed a friend and a very high end manufacturer.


Prior to doing that I had a non circ agreement written up, ironically the lawyer of the manufacturer wanted the wording even stronger so he wrote up one of the most iron clad non circs Ive seen (a non compete non circumvent non disclosure agreement is one that you sign prior to giving any information about any business idea) we signed it and I want back to flying around analyzing businesses.

One night I got a call in my hotel.

The manufacturer called me to tell me that I was out and they were producing it.

It was a kind of a courtesy call.

The smile and say *! you call.

I let them drone on about how they were going to distribute world wide but I would not be a part of it.

After they had finished their highly condesending speech, I thanked them and said, thanks to that agreement your lawyer wrote up, that you signed, I will be getting an injunction in the morning.

Of course you will be paying all my court costs, legal fees and damages.

They were shocked.

The president of the company asked the lawyer.


can he do that? And the lawyer sheepishly said, yes he can in a mumbled voice.

Again I thanked the lawyer for his great work, It was a conference call.

The lawyer apologized, the president apologized but was sputtering.

And that ended everything that day.

Later I found out they had told my friend a different story before hand that I was ok with everything.

Regardless, not one was produced by them, And I still use that non circ today as a template.

The lesson learned is prior to sharing any business idea with anyone, get a non circ/ disclosure agreement in place.

No matter how friendly.

Human nature will diminish their perceived value of you and without that paper you have little or no protection.

Confidentiality Agreement PDF

If youu2019ve signed a confidentiality agreement, the format of how you share information deemed confidential by your past employers is irrelevant.

If you shouldnu2019t share details, donu2019t share them.

You can share a general overview, like how you would explain a project to someone you would meet at a party - very general, no specific client details that might lead someone to know the who, where and why of your projects.

,I hope thatu2019s helpful.

Non disclosure agreement UK template

The safest option is to hire a lawyer to draft a Shareholdersu2019 Agreement for an angel funding round.

The trouble is - lawyers are costly and so many legal entrepreneurs have now come up with great solutions to remedy the problem.

(Disclosure: I am one of them).

One big warning I will give you though is - no matter what you do - do not get templates or generators - your contracts must be drafted and tailored to your particular business, and this has to be done by someone who knows the law.

,A Founderu2019s Agreement or Shareholderu2019s Agreement is an important contract to get drafted when two or more shareholders are starting a business together but also when a new shareholder is coming into the business.

,Important points to include in shareholder agreements are:,The respective shareholdings and classes of shares of each shareholder,Dilution rights,Vesting clauses and cliff periods,Shareholder time and attention,Intellectual Property Assignment,Conflicts of interest,Non-compete clause,Tag along and drag along rights (makes it easier to sell a business),Right of first refusal (if a shareholder wishes to sell his/her shares,Deadlock provisions,Voting powers,Dividend policies (startups generally have no dividend policies),Transfer of shares,Compulsory transfer of shares (e.


due to death),Issuing of further shares,Even though you can easily find shareholder templates on the internet, those will not be bespoke to your business and I strongly suggest you get a specialist lawyer to draft this contract for you.

,If you need any help or advice as to setting up a company in the UK or a Shareholderu2019s agreement, Linkilaw can help.

You can get in touch through the website or email me directly to get quality legal contracts drafted at a fraction of the usual cost.