What is some good advice for an Indian student going for graduate studies (PhD) to a US school?

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Rent payment receipt PDF

I cannot over emphasize these few points, and if I could I would.


Scan all your official documents and keep at least three different backups of those in digital form (along with the hard copies).

nThese documents would bena.

Passport front page.


Visa page.


I94 (now a days it is available online, so get a print out and also save the pdf)nd.

entry to USA stamp page.


Visa fee payment receipt.


SEVIS fee payment receipt.

(e and f are two different things)ng.

all your certificates including birth certificates, diplomas and mark sheets.


Every semester get a full time enrollment certificate printed from your universitys online system - keep it with your documents.


If you are living in a shared living condition in USA and have shared expenses.

Maintain all records of expenses even after they are settled.

If there is a written record of you owing money to anyone, do not settle it without a written record.


Most places accept rent online.

So if you are paying rent online, keep pdf copies of the rent receipts.

The same applies to Bank statements, utilities payments receipts as well.

Periodically download the bank statements as the online systems of the banks do not keep them forever.


File tax returns (even if you do not owe anything) timely and keep copies of each return - both federal and state - in hard copy form.


Keep all your hard copies in such a manner (in one bag or pouch or something like that - and you know where it is all the time) that if you have to get out of your apartment in a minutes notice (in case of fire or something like that) you can at least grab your documents, wallet and your laptop.

And sometimes practice such one minute evacuations for yourself.