Which graduate schools in the US should I apply to with a ~3.2 GPA?

Statement of account sample letter

As many of the responses here have stated, GPA is only one of the conditions which is being taken into account when a school is looking at your application.

As you will notice with most of the top schools nationwide, they say that the suggested minimum grade to have your application considered is a 3.


They also say that having a 3.

0 does not guarantee you admission and provide a link to the average GPA of the incoming classes for the past couple of years.

,As an example, I did not have a GPA anywhere near the average of the people who got in during the previous years yet I was accepted into the top graduate schools for Electrical Engineering.

,Here are some of my suggestions on how to really make your application stand out from others -,As Abhishek stated in his answer - make sure that you are applying to a program which is of interest to you.

There is absolutely no point in going to a top school to study something you are not interested in.

Find out exactly what you are interested in - I know it is hard to know but think about it - what classes did you like the most in your undergrad and would you be willing to learn that in a much deeper level for another two years? Once you get to a subject which is of interest - google which professors have research going on in your area of interest and find out at which universities these professors are lecturers.

BAM you have your list of schools and your potential advisors.

Now follow steps 2 -4 to get into that program.

Overall school ranking is nothing but a number snd sure potential employers might care about which school you went to but moreover, they really care about whether you are passionate about what you do and whether you will deliver.

,Make sure that your Statement of Purpose is on point - this was key for my admissions to most schools.

I conveyed why I wanted to attend that specific university and what I hoped to accomplish at that university.

There are no sample statements of purposes which are good available on the internet so I would recommend potentially getting an advisor who can proofread and guide your SOP in the right direction.

,Slam dunk the GRE - the GRE is a part of the application which is also very key - it is used as a metric to see how you will perform in graduate school.

Getting a score above a 330 will set you in another league of applicants.

,Killer letter of recommendations - make sure that the people who are writing you letter of recommendations know what program you are applying for, which schools you are applying to and hopefully you are somewhat close to the professors who are writing the letters for you.

If not, I would highly suggest getting close with some professors or mentors such that you can get some killer letters and the people who are writing them for you will be able to put you in the best light in front of the admissions committee.

,TLDR : GPA is one thing which is considered in grad school applications.

Having an amazing GPA guarantees nothing and having a low GPA does not kick you out of anything.

Make your overall application strong by finding schools and professors you are interested in working with, having an awesome SOP, slam dunking the GRE and having killer LORu2019s.

,Good luck :D