In what ways do women lack equal opportunities in the workplace?

Lack of equal opportunities in the workplace

At this point I would argue women do have equal opportunities at the vast majority of workplaces.

Some sectors with very conservative management and overall toxic cultures notwithstanding there arenu2019t too many workplaces that would be hesitant to hire/promote women or that would actively try to pay women less.

At most companies there are probably going to be mentors actively helping women get ahead.

,At this point, at least in the West and at most properly run businesses the biggest factors are likely to be outside the workplace.

At this point itu2019s quite rare for any Americans to express the idea that all women should stay home with the kids after marriage but it is fairly normal for women to be stuck with the lionu2019s share of childcare and household responsibilities outside of work which limits what many women can commit to their jobs.

Women are generally trained from an early age to be less assertive and that likely holds most women back from getting what they deserve.