What are some movies that have the trope of having the characters meet by running into each other on the street?

First meeting with wedding planner

Serendipity,While You Were Sleeping,Speed (okay it was a bus and not the street but whatever),The Wedding Planner,Maid In Manhattan,Monster In Law,J-Lo loves her by-chance love at first sight on the street movies haha

Questions to ask wedding planner during COVID

Wedding Planning During COVID-19 (Lets Try To Make The Best Of Plan B)Yes, were all stuck at home right now u2013 but thats the least of our problems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the wedding industry incredibly hard.

Venues are closing, vendors are going out of business, and couples are scrambling to reschedule or even cancel their weddings.

You win, 2020.

Can we throw up the white flag now?,But instead of wallowing in a wine-soaked pity party, we want to share some tips and resources.

Because action is the antidote to fear, and there ARE things we can do right now to help us from feeling so powerless and out of control.

,Weve put together the following articles to help navigate these uncharted waters, and will continue adding helpful resources to our website.

Were here for you, and were in this together!,,Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue: COVID-19 EditionHere is a supplemental list of 40 more questions you may need to ask your venue when it comes to wedding planning during coronavirus.

Paired with our main list of Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue, you can rest easy knowing youre doing all you can to cover your bases during this unprecedented time.

,,The Most Creative Covid Wedding Ideas Weve Seen!These couples didnt let the pandemic put a damper on their I Dos! With a bit of imagination, they found ways to rework their celebration to make it both safe AND sentimental.

If youre determined to have your big day despite the pandemic, get inspired by these insanely creative Covid wedding ideas!,,3 Things To Do if COVID-19 is Affecting Your Wedding PlanningThis whole COVID-19 pandemic is still super up in the air, and everyones wedding planning is going to be affected in a different way.

Were not gonna try to pretend we have all the answers to all the unique and difficult scenarios, but we do have 3 things every engaged couple should do if youre planning your wedding during the coronavirus chaos.

,,Interview: This Brides Wedding Was Canceled Due To COVID-19 (shes also a wedding planner!)We can give as much wedding-planning-during-a-pandemic advice as we can muster, but sometimes, you just need to hear it from someone whos been in your shoes.

Thats why were interviewing one of our Here Comes The Guide clients, Kelly Soto u2013 Catering / Events Director at Cress Creek Country Club.

Her wedding was canceled due to COVID-19, and she has quite the story to share, along with some useful tips and helpful advice!,,9 Ways To Make Your Virtual Wedding A Bonafide BashYes, you know you need a snappy internet connection along with one or more digital devices to live stream your wedding, but how do you make your virtual wedding a bonafide bash? Weve put together a list of 9 things thatll help make your virtual wedding a real party!,,Change The Date Cards from MintedDid your wedding date change due to COVID-19? Keep guests up-to-date with these stylish Change The Date and Postponed cards from Minted.

They offer fresh, modern, and exclusive designs created by independent artists from all over the world.

,New to Minted? Get an exclusive welcome offer of 20% off your order!,How To Postpone Your WeddingYes, it sucks.

But right now, its necessary.

While it may be tempting to just throw up the white flag and cancel your wedding entirely, we strongly encourage you to reconsideru2014and reschedule.

Heres why you may want to change the date, and the steps you need to take to postpone your wedding.

You got this!,,How To Virtually Plan (and Live Stream!) Your WeddingMany engaged couples arent letting things like a global pandemic or social distance get in their way of getting married.

Because love always wins.

Instead, theyre finding creative ways to make their wedding plans happenu2014from Skype consultations with vendors to Zoom bridal showers.

Where theres a tech-savvy will, theres a way!,,6 Ways to Combat Wedding Planning StressWedding planning is innately stressful.

Wedding planning in 2020 is the equivalent of a dumpster fire.

Here are 6 ways to combat wedding planning stress, and to help you feel a bit more in control during this crazy-chaotic time.

,,6 Reasons Why Weekday Weddings RockAs more and more couples scramble to reschedule their weddings, less and less Saturday 2020 (and beyond) dates become available.

And while that may seem less-than-ideal, dont get discouraged! There are some major benefits to having a weekday wedding.

,,LoveStream Virtual WeddingsNot tech savvy but still want a virtual wedding? LoveStream to the rescue! They offer the most simple live stream wedding option around.

Guests click a URL to view your wedding through a high-definition live stream.

No app download or login required! You can invite unlimited guestsu2014and rest easy knowing their virtual wedding team will operate your cameras so you and your loved ones can enjoy the big day.

,Reserve your virtual wedding date and receive a 10% discount with our promo code: GUIDE20,How To Choose A Wedding Venueu2014When You Cant See It In Person!Since were all quarantined, many venues are now offering one-on-one virtual site tours via FaceTime, Skype, or Duo! You can virtually walk through the venue with the on-site coordinator, ask questions, and address concerns as they come up in real time.

Heres how to find your dream wedding venueu2014even if you cant see it in person!,,9 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding DateIf you had to postpone or cancel your wedding due to COVID-19, but still want to commemorate your original date, weve got you! Here are 9 ideas to honor the OG wedding day.

,,7 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Conquer From The Comfort Of Your CouchDuring this COVID-19 crisis weve all had to get virtual.

(Thank goodness we live in the digital age!) Here are 7 wedding planning tasks you can cross off your list without ever leaving home.

Quarantined wedding planning? Weve got this.

,,11 Tips For Working From HomeOur creative director Jenna Miller has been working from home for nearly a decade and knows the struggle of getting started with a solid routine! Since so many people are now mandated to work from their own homes, shes put together 11 of her best tips to become a productive, work-from-home ninja.

,,Need Help Finding a Wedding Venue?,Get Hitched in The Great OutdoorsTo maximize social distancing and keep things as low-risk as possible, an open-air event is a great option to consider! We list tons of gorgeous outdoor wedding venues across the country that offer the best chance of matching up with the health and safety guidelines in your area.

,,Opt for an Intimate EventNeed to scale back your guest count? The venues we list here offer intimate wedding spaces for anywhere from 2u201350 guests.

If you want your small wedding to be big on style, check out these stellar options for a cozy celebration with your nearest and dearest!,,Eff it.

Lets Elope!Whether its just you and your boo, a few VIP guests, or an elope-now-party-later situation, weve got venues that offer a wide variety of elopement packages that will fit the bill! The venues we list here have crafted packages for a stress free, all-inclusive elopement.

Because at the end of the day, what really matters is that you get to marry your best friend.

If you dont want to wait, why not elope?

Questions to ask wedding planner Reddit

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Questions to ask month of wedding coordinator

Make everyone else do the work.

No Iu2019m serious, delegate the tedious chores and make someone in charge because if youu2019re the bride or groom itu2019s not acceptable for you to be the only person who has a vision or knows everything.

,Itu2019s not cool when youu2019re getting so many questions, phone calls and texts that you canu2019t sleep.

Delegate friend.

,Make someone else the brains besides you, bride.

I was very fortunate in my wedding planning to have a very good friend fairly close to my age, like 14 years older than me be my wedding planner.

She is part of our local chamber and does events for local government events all the time.

She knows how to coordinate, has connections and gets stuff done.

,We had so many planning meetings that were hours long.

I would go to her house, sit and drink my coffee while we talked details and make lists and lists.

Then she would take on some tasks and i would too.

I would assign people for her to call to ask to do other tasks and then I would go home and sleep.

These meetings would be hours and so I was exhausted.

Then I would get out of bed and do my tasks.

,This was all while taking university courses and working with a kid with special needs.

,Having a wedding coordinator friend was helpful because she remembered the details and i didnu2019t have to.

The month before I just texted her questions and she did it.

In the end it was a perfect day and I couldnu2019t have done it without her.

,(Pictured: bridesmaids, sister, wedding coordinator, mom and husband all helping do invitations.

They were so efficient they told me to just sit back and drink my coffee),So, my friend.


,Side note: the biggest compliments I received from my wedding beyond how I looked was the food.