Why is there racism?

Causes of discrimination examples

So, an old university friend reconnects with me a few months ago.

We havent met for two decades.

,Yesterday, as Im in his home city, Dubai, we finally meet.

,I ring the door bell, and then this guy opens the door.

Im thinking Who the hell is this Sheikh? but then realise its my old long lost buddy, Shahreyar! Or should I say Sheikh Shahreyar?!?,So, we get chatting - itu2019s amazing how his humour hasnu2019t changed one bit - and its great to hear about how well hes done - actually its pretty hard not to with an LLB from Oxford! - in the UAE people love that kind of thing.

But Shahreyar also has an ability to connect with people like no-one else I know.

,However, it all almost feels surreal.

Ive never actually closely known someone that wears this kind of attire - I guess its difficult for me to believe its the same guy underneath - something is telling me hes different - but its definitely him.

,Funny how the subconscious works.

,A recent study showed racial discrimination for jobs in the UK, one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, is at the same shocking level it was in the late 1960s.

,Racism remains an epidemic - I dont know anywhere where it doesnt.

,But it mostly happens subconsciously, and itu2019s that subconscious racism which is so rampant.

Its only when we realise this can we consciously tackle it.