What is the best feng shui color for a kitchen?

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Feng shui kitchen colors

The colour indicated by the Yang 8 Mansions chart.

,You need to know the facing direction of the house to do the chart.

,You need to know which sector the kitchen is in.

,You need to use wall guided grid sectors in order to make any sense of the sectors for painting purposes.

(Grid and pie chart put sectors partially through rooms, which from an energy perspective, is actually nonsense.

),Once you know all that, each sector has sector and mansion characteristics.

The four good character mansions you need to enhance.

The four bad character mansions need to be exhausted, or destroyed.

The sector provides the base for this choice, according to the chart of enhancing, exhausting and destroying elements.

,You paint the kitchen according to that information.

,If the kitchen is in the center of the house, which is an earth sector, then earth colours are good, but anything will work.

But youu2019re better going with the Period Flying Stars Chart as a guide.

,Flying Stars in this instance is only useful to fine tune the room, in any sector other than the center.