If number 4 is bad luck for Chinese, then what is the unlucky number for Koreans and Japanese culture?

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Chinese unlucky numbers

For Korea and Japan, it is 4 and 9.

,And for the same reasons as the Chinese, 4 pronunciation is a homonym for u201cdeathu201d, and 9 pronunciation a homonym for u2018extremely painfulu201d.

,These numbers are pronounced as Sino-Japanese or Sino-Korean, which means that the Chinese pronunciation had been borrowed for the words centuries or millennia ago.

,I was amused once (around the year 1980) to visit an American friend at his office in Seoul, in a tall, slender skyscraper.

His office was on the 14th floor, but (he told me), the office was not ACTUALLY that far off the ground level, because the building was missing a 4th floor, 9th floor, and 13th floor.

(Yes, it omitted a Western unlucky number, too, just to cover all the basesu2026 ),Japanese apartment blocks may do this too.

Look at any small apartment bldg.

, of maybe two floors, with four apartments on each floor: Count: Apt.

101, 102, 103, andu2026.


Heh,Same for 2nd floor: 201, 202, 203, 205.

,(At least this used to be the case, back in the 1970s and 80s.

I havenu2019t noticed it latelyu2026)