Why is January 1st the start of the Gregorian New Year and not the start of spring, which seems more sensible to be the start of a new year?

Chinese Winter Solstice 2022

The jewish and ancient Egyptean new year starts in September.

The Roman new year started Janus month (January) 1.

Janus is the god who has two faces: one looking forward and one looking back.

My guess is that for the Romans and probably for other cultures the winter solstice where the sun came close to dying and then started to rise up again was a motivating factor.

The yearu2019s work for farmers was over with the winter solstice, and planting would begin in the spring but the daylight starting to grow longer meant rebirth of mother earth?,Looks like you want to be an ancient Babylonian.

Cheer up: cuneiform tablets last longer than clouds which evaporate without trace.

,Addendum: I forgot: The Chinese New Year is in February but I donu2019t know whether that correlates with any calendar.

(I think 2022 may be the Year of the Wokie (or maybe: The Year of the Trumpie?) here in USA but surely not in PRC where itu2019s tellingly the Year of the Tiger?)

Summer solstice food

Since we just recently experienced the summer solstice term, letu2019s start there.

Terms are very important to the culture and daily life as it dictates everything to what people eat, to which activities, as well as carrying on long-lasting traditions and customs that are interesting to witness and learn about.

,The u201cu590fu81f3 (xiu00e0zhu00ec) summer solsticeu201d is one of the 24 solar terms, which is held on June 24 of the gregorian calendar this year.

Solar terms are a Chinese conception of the seasons and are relevant to astronomy.

,During the summer solstice, the sun is directed at the tropic of cancer when daylight is the longest time throughout the year across the northern hemisphere.

In the north of China, at the summer solstice, daytime is much longer than nighttime, but in the tropical south, the difference is only about 2 hours.

,The length of the daytime reaches 15 hours in Beijing and 17 hours at higher latitudes.

For the tropic of cancer and the areas to the north, the summer solstice is also when the sun is at the highest point of the year.

,Custom activitiesThe u201du590fu81f3 (xiu00e0zhu00ec) summer solsticeu201d is the time for harvesting crops and thus worshiping the Earth.

Since ancient times, there has been a custom of celebrating the harvest and it was associated with human sacrifice to the gods to pray for a good harvest.

,After the installation of the Han Dynasty, however, this practice was abolished.

The days around the time of the summer solstice are also when wheat becomes ripe.

Therefore, it also allowed people to enjoy tasting the new wheat harvest.

,The Dragon Boat Festival happens around the summer solstice every year as well.

,If you know much about the Chinese Zodiac, the fifth month is also known as the u201cmonth of poisonu201d for the Chinese farmeru2019s calendar.

This is because insects and pests are active during this summer month and people are more prone to catch infectious diseases.

To ward them off, people hang wormwood, drink realgar wine, and u201cu6234u9999u5305 (du00e0i xiu0101ng bu0101o) wear a sachet.

u201d,Terms carry many auspicious customs that are intricate and deep-rooted.

Seasonal CustomsThere are Yin and Yang in ancient Chinese philosophy and can be understood as u201ccoldu201d and u201chotu201d.

Ancient Chinese saw the summer solstice as an expression of yin, feminine energy, which is balanced by the yang, or masculine energy, of the winter solstice.

,In summer, the sun prevails and Yin energies come into being while Yang energies begin to wane.

,Since food in China is always a big part of every festival, there is a saying which goes, u201ceat dumplings on the winter solstice and eat noodles on the summer solstice.

u201d People in different areas of Shandong province eat chilled noodles on this day.

Other people around China, including those in Beijing, also have a tradition of eating noodles.

,After the summer solstice, people begin a specific diet.

The purpose of the diet is to clear away heat and increase appetite.

Bitter food is one choice to flush toxins out of the body and then nourish the body.

,Overall, the summer solstice is a time for celebrating the Earth, Yin energy, and the wheat harvest along with ancient Chinese traditions that vary by region.

They are nonetheless interesting but are too numerous to mention here.

,,Maybe Iu2019ll update with other terms if this shows to be well received.

Winter Solstice Festival 2022

Makar Sankranti is one of the most prominent festivals in India, with celebrations taking place all around the country.

Though the name of the holiday varies per area, the spirit of the celebrations stays the same.

Lohri symbolises the conclusion of the winter solstice and the start of the season of longer days and shorter nights in Punjab.

In addition, it is celebrated as the Rabi crop harvest holiday.

,This celebration is known by a different name in each region.

Makar Sankranti, for example, is known as Maghi in Punjab and is preceded by Lohri.

This is one among the many Indian festivities that follow the traditional solar calendar.

As a result, it falls on the same date every year according to the Gregorian calendar that is on 13 January 13.