How will China react to holding the Winter Olympics there in the midst of the omicron surge in the winter of 2021-22?

Chinese Lantern Festival 2022

How will China react to holding the Winter Olympics there in the midst of the omicron surge in the winter of 2021-22?,21-day quarantine on arrival + daily Covid test + closed loop Olympic venues (i.


, dedicated hotels/transportation/activity venues).

The audience outside of the Loop must be all vaccinated, PCR-tested within 48 hours, and have been living in China prior to the Game.

Workers and volunteers inside the Loop stay inside the whole period, and then must all go through quarantine before they can go back home.

All sites will go through complete sterilization before and after the competition.

Goal is zero-Covid, obviously.

,This procedure was submitted to the International Olympic Committee back in September, and has already been approved.

Also China has experience with this sort of international meet with Covid raging outside.

Just did the International Import Expo with 100+ countries and huge crowds in Shanghai in November without Covid outbreak.

,The Media focus in China is not on the Covid, but the Chinese New Year.

Itu2019s on February 1, 2022.

The Olympics is on February 4 - 20.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is on February 15.

The entire time between February 1 - February 15 will be the biggest national holiday season in China! So there will be tons of holiday-things to do during the Olympics - special food, entertainment, holiday movies, etc.

Itu2019s already announced that there will be 678 dishes for the Olympic Games! 200 courses daily for the athletes, and every single one has to be approved by the Olympic Committee!,Here is the speed skating rink (Ice Ribbon),Downhill,Luge and Skeleton:,All linked by driverless bullet trains going at 220 miles/hour.

Definitely expecting a lot of fun!,,PS: China got to Zero-Covid within 2 1/2 months before vaccines were even invented.

Only 2 deaths from Covid in the entire year this year.

Delta triggered a number of small outbreaks in international port cities with a couple hundred infections but thatu2019s it.

The cornerstone of Chinau2019s epidemic control system is physical separation, i.


, quarantine.

As long as the virus has not evolved ability to go through walls, it really doesnu2019t matter what variance it is going to be.

Worked since Medieval times.

Still works now.

,Also the business case is really compelling.

50 million high-income local residents (Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang) within 1u20132 hour train-ride, with 4-month-long winter and no winter sporting venue, and now you go build a Salt Lake City in the middle of it! These facilities will be making money hand-over-fist for a long time to come.

Talking about business - the big sponsors are Intel, Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, Airbnbu2026 so, maybe someone wants to go talk with them about this u201cboycottu201d-thing? LOL.

,Also, I donu2019t know what the policy will be after the Game but every winter Harbin has the international ice sculpture festival thatu2019s pretty out-of-the-world,and Southern China has their spring flower fairs coincide with the New Year celebration.

Lots of fun things to do.

Just donu2019t know if the athletes are allowed to go with their stringent Covid protocolu2026

Happy lantern festival quotes

Celebrating Diwali from home away from home.

,Yes, thatu2019s my hostel at IIM Ranchi.

,Girls look stunningly beautiful in sarees.

The gentlemen in bright coloured Kurtas - which were ordered recently for Diwali - are busy floating the sky-lanterns into the air.

The Indian traditional dress never fails to add elegance to the personality.

,The LED lights lit the interior of the room highlighting the wall posters and the movie quotes on the wall.

Rangolis have occupied the prominent place of the room.

There is happiness all around.

,Somewhere, the parents are celebrating Diwali in their homes in different cities.

Maybe they all miss their children now.

Maybe we miss our homes now.

,However, there is happiness in everyoneu2019s faces as the sky-lanterns rise into the sky.

The parents look at the sky-lanterns in the WhatsApp video chats.

The faces are shimmering with happiness and joy.

This is truly a home away from home.