I have a split marriage line in left hand and a single straight marriage line on the right one. How should I interprete it as?

Two marriage line in male hand

The line of attachment is often called as the marriage line.

It is generally thought that the line of attachment / marriage line will tell everything regarding your marriage.

,The truth is that we have to look at all other aspects of your palm to come to the conclusion.

,It is generally said that right hand is active and in the case of male and left hand is the active and in case of females.

,The left hand in males act as a passive and while in females the right hand.

While giving a reading I take into account both the hands.

,Split in the line of head is generally not considered to be good it may pull the person in two directions it doesnt necessarily mean extra marital affair.

If the split is angling towards the heart line drooping towards the heart line it creates stress and anxiety from once relationship attachment love.

A simple straight horizontal line is is better relationship.

In my practical experience I have found that even a simple marriage line cant stop from divorce or terrible relationship.

,While giving a reading we have to take into account all other aspects as well to come to the final conclusion.

Three marriage line in female hand

Three marriage lines does not mean three marriages.

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