Can two broken empaths be compatible in a romantic relationship (especially after both are leaving a toxic relationship with a narcissist)?

Horse and Rooster work Compatibility

Can two broken empaths be compatible in a romantic relationship (especially after both are leaving a toxic relationship with a narcissist)?,This is a thought provoking question McKenna.

,In my opinion, I believe that you ought to take a year at least to heal from the PTSD and abuse you suffered before dating and starting a new relationship.

It may take longer than a year for healing to occur.

Be patient with yourself.

Read about NPD, attend psychological therapy, work out, eat well, sleep as much as possible.

,Hopefully, you will not identify as a broken empath after you do the work to heal.

Iu2019m not certain itu2019s advisable to choose an obviously broken person to be in a relationship with and help them heal.

That is the job of a social worker, psychiatrist or psychologist, not you the love partner u2014 just my opinion.

,And being with and caring for loving innocent animals is very healing, especially rescues.

ud83dudc3eud83dudc9cud83dudc3e Fyi animals will never ever abuse you sexually, physically or emotionally as people do.

,Thereu2019s also a rescue pig, goat, horse and roosters.

Horse and Dragon Compatibility

Dragon character:Dragons are mystical powerful creatures worshipped by the Chinese culture as it symbolizes strength, health, harmony and intellectuality.

Many consider Dragon people to be very lucky and are generally charismatic and gifted.

They are also well known for their honesty and sense of duty.

If Dragon is your friend, feel free to confide in them.

,Best match: Rat, Monkey and Rooster.

,Rat: Dragon cannot resist the humorous rat, while rat can easily be influenced by the passionate dragon.

,Monkey: Both monkey and dragon are innovator and creator, they can work hand in hand in different occasions.

However the cunning monkey can be a setback to the relationship after marriage.

So monkey must always stay truthful to his/her partner.

,Rooster: Being very conservative, always idolise and look up to dragon.

Dragon on the other hand is a risk taker, and often needs roosteru2019s care and concern during setbacks and failures.

,Tiger character:Tiger people are usually loud, persuasive and hot tempered.

They have a very strong mind, impulsive and can be intimidating.

They will likely spend an u201cadventurous or unusualu201d life triggered by their instincts and emotions.

Tiger will generally find it hard to maintain any kind of relationship as their hostility and temperament can easily put people off.

,Best match: those born in the Year of the Horse, Dog, and Pig.

Horse:,The capability of horse will mesmerise tiger.

Both will thus attract and respect each other.

,Dog: The loyalty of dog can bring out the gentle side of proud tiger.

,Tiger on the other hand will motivate dog to achieve success.

Mutual support will bringing out the best in them.

,Tiger and Dragon compatibility:,Tiger and the Dragon may initially be quite attracted to one another, as both signs possess famously magnetic personalities; however, their attraction may, sooner or later, give way to irritation.

,The problem between these two animal signs lies in their mutual power dynamic: - the Dragon likes to be in charge of everything - people and situations - but the Tiger insists on autonomy.

,Both of these signs are fearsome in a dispute, and disputes are likely to come up between these two.