Why do so many actors keep large moles on their faces? We have been watching lots of movies over the holidays and are surprised at how many moles or scars are visible on the faces of stars. While some stars have face lifts, moles dont bother them.

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Chinese mole reading neck

Judy Helm Wright: Your question is fascinating.

,From ancient Romans to current day starsu2014moles have a fascinating history.

,Ancient Romans applied fake moles made out of leather to pockmarks and scars; the preoccupation with u201cimperfectionsu201d such as pimples and moles was a topic of discussion for Hippocrates, who developed a theory of medicine informed by astrology.

He wasnu2019t necessarily the first person to come up with a theory of the body concerning moles and what they meant in the universe.

,Imperial China developed Mian Xiang, the art of face reading, during the period Hippocrates developed his theory of medicine informed by astrology.

In 403-221 BCE, in the period of Warring States, it was a subject of serious discussion and debate in academia and military strategy.

One of these schools was run by Gui Gu Tze, who was a master of both face reading and military strategy.

His students became advisers to the prime minister, commanders in chief, and were rumored to be the real authors of The Art of War (though that theory has been labeled far-fetched, according to historians).

So the man who taught some of the most important military minds in Chinese history the art of political rhetoric also knew a lot about what moles meant, and why that mattered.

,In Medieval Europe, moles and other physical marks such as pimples didnu2019t mean you were enslaved, but that you were possessed by the devil.

Called the u201cwitchu2019s teat,u201d moles and any other bodily u201cabnormalityu201d were seen as signs of witchcraft and were the devilu2019s mark, where he or the witchu2019s familiar suckled.

Suspected witches were subject to strip searches, shaved, and often tortured into confessions and more often than not murderedu2014via wheel stretch torture, drowning, or hanging.

While this practice seems isolated there is current-day evidence during Past Life Regression work that the belief that moles identified someone possessed by the devil and thus tortured caused continued damage to the soulu2019s incarnation.

,American society adopted a face mole as a beauty mark.

Early American film starlets, Clara Bow and Jean Harlow sported migrating spots that ushered in the celebrity beauty mark to rule them all: Marilyn Monroeu2019s.

As Norma Jeane, it was just a faint freckle on her cheek.

In the 60s, Elizabeth Taylor, Etta James, and Edie Sedgwick sported molesu2014u2019er beauty marks, that seemed to grow bolder as their stars rose.

The 70s ushered in the spunky moles of Goldie Hawn and post-yu00e9-yu00e9 France Gall.

And the beauty mark of the 80s projected a sultry-smutty glamour on the lips of Madonna and Cindy Crawfordu2014a look later channeled via piercing by Amy Winehouse and tattooing u00e0 la Dita Von Teese.

Meanwhile, Ms.

Pac-Man was cast as coquette in 1982 with an 8-bit beauty mark and a bright red bow and has been going strong ever since.

,Last, but not least, Metaphysics a.



Holistic Health Care posit birthmarks, moles and phobias sometimes hold clues to past life experiences.

,Sometimes an incarnated soul carries physical marks of a past karmic debt or emotional memory into other lifetimes.

The energetic or soul memory, encoded into the energy grid of our energetic spirit body, can manifest the physical form of the soul memory vibration by leaving a birthmark.

The energy molecules take on the shape and form of the vibrational frequency associated with the mortal wound or trauma that the person experienced in another incarnation.

Birthmarks and physical deformities are considered karmic markers that give us a clue to a past life and the issues that need to be addressed and resolved.

,The scars of trauma that our soul carries forward from one life to the next manifest as marks on the body and in a subtle way resonate with encoded cellular memory.

It is believed that some who have port-wine birthmarks have often been the victim of a past life fire, while other birthmarks can show where the previous body was wounded.

A man I worked with had a birthmark on his back shoulder blade.

He recognized that at times he felt a stabbing feeling in his shoulderu2014representative of where he was stabbed in the back in a previous life.

A past life regression confirmed that he was attacked by his commanding officer when he turned to walk away from a confrontationu2014when he was a Canadian Mountie.

His commanding officer stabbed him in the back with a bayonet.

It is also, poignant that he didnu2019t like sitting where his back would be exposed.

,It is an Oriental belief that certain moles hold past life clues and are also very foretelling of the personu2019s fate.

A mole on the face can mean a happy, cheerful disposition while a mole on the back can mean a life filled with burdens.

A mole situated on the tummy area means smooth sailing while a mole on the chest signifies a lot of happiness.

Moles on the feet show travel while moles on the hand can pertain to certain talent.

Moles are clues to the karma that we need to re-balance and resolve to avoid the secret fates that ensue if we fail to address and process the unfinished business of a past life.

Furthermore, the soulu2019s sole purpose for incarnating is to create mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

The marks we bring with us whether it is a mole, port-wine stain, or deformities are all markers to remind us to delve into the issues that need to be resolved from prior experiences.

,Phobias and aversions are also associated with past life soul memory.

Although, not all phobias and aversions are from a Past Life.

People who have been hanged or beheaded will often have chronic neck problems or hate anything around their neck.

Someone who died in childbirth may find that they have difficulty conceiving children or have an aversion to having children.

Past life trauma can leave fears and phobias.

A woman I worked with had an aversion to big birds.

She was beheaded during the 1500s for sorcery and her head was put on a post at the entrance gates to the city and u2013 you guessed it u2013 the birds pecked at her flesh.

As her current incarnation, she feared large birds because the energetic impression is strongly encoded into her soul memory.

,Past Life Regressions are an excellent way to connect, confirm and resolve conflict and trauma from the past.

Look to your body for the physical clues pointing to significant past life experiences and also recognize why some unexplained dislikes or phobias may have originated from many lifetimes.