What are the similarities between the Indian zodiac and the Chinese zodiac system?

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Metal Snake Chinese zodiac

Chinese astrology and Indian/Hindu/Vedic astrology are ancient and tested methods of astrology and has been in practice for long.

Here the position of planets and constellations are used for calculations and predictions.

,Vedic astrology has a variety of symbols representing the zodiac signs whereas in Chinese astrology there are 12 different animals representing each of the zodiac signs.

,In Vedic astrology there are 12 different signs.

They are Meu1e63a(Aries), Vu1e5bu1e63abha(Taurus), Mithuna(Gemini),Karkau1e6da(Cancer),Siu1e43ha (Leo),Kanyu0101(Virgo),Tulu0101(Libra),Vu1e5bu015bcika(Scorpio),Dhanuu1e63a(Sagittarius),Makara(Capricorn), Kumbha(Aquarius) and Mu012bna(Pisces).

Such classification is based on monthly division.

People born between specific dates and months are allocated a particular zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs are useful in making several predictions and calculations about an individualu2019s character and personality traits.

Source-Google Image,Similarly the Chinese astrology has 12 different animals each representing each of the zodiac signs,said to be representing twelve different types of personality.

Chinese zodiac assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle.

The 12-year cycle is an approximation to the 11.

86 -year orbital period of Jupiter, the largest planet.

The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the Rat, and the cycle proceeds through 11 other animals signs: Ox,Tiger, Rabbit,Dragon,Snake,Horse, Goat,Monkey, Rooster, Dog,and Pig.

Sourceu2014Google Image,Indian Zodiac has been related to four elements namely water, earth, fire and air whereas in Chinese astrology they use the elements of earth, fire, wood, water and metal.

,The difference between both Zodiac system is that in the former the division is monthly and in the latter it is yearly.

,It goes without saying that both of them have been successfully used by the rank and file to find answers to various complex questions of life and has played a major role in their lives.