What is a recommended cash gift for a Chinese wedding banquet? Am I really supposed to evaluate what I thought of the ceremony and give them an amount accordingly?

Chinese wedding banquet


Enough to buy a decent gift.

You wouldve spent the same amount buying them a kitchen appliance anyway

Chinese marriage facts

Chinese doggerels (u6253u6cb9u8bd7) !,u201cu65b0u4ebau82e5u95eeu6717u5e74u51e0? u56dbu5341u5e74u524du4e09u5341u4e09!u201d,If the new married ask her husband: u201chow old are you?u201d,u201c40 years ago I was 33!u201d,Imperial ExamIt was about a 73 year old student Chen Xiu who finally passed Imperial Examination and became an official.

The Song emperor was surprised about his age and asked him about it.

He learned that Chen Xiu never married and had no kids at all.

So the emperor married a beautiful court lady to him along with rich dowry.

,Official uniformPeople wanted to make fun of him so invented the doggerel to mimic the moment when the court lady asking Chen Xiuu2019s age right before he lifted her gaitou.

,A husband lifts gaitou to take the first look of his new wifeu2019s face.

Context:,In old time, Chinese students had to remember mountains of books to pass the Imperial Examinations, so some students could be as old as 98 years old.

Once they passed exam, their fate would be changed forever and got married quickly if they were single.

,Old Chinese marriages were arranged by parents or elders via a matchmaker.

The husband usually didnu2019t know his wife until he lifted the red cover from her face.

It was a done deal no matter they liked each other or not.