What home remedy is for diarrhea and an upset stomach?

Home remedies for upset stomach and diarrhea

Stop eating for 2 hours so all the toxins leave your body.

,Have 2 liquid yogurts.

,Have some andrews, or alka seltzer, or someting similar there are a few things available.

How to stop diarrhea fast at work

It depends upon your overall health.

,If the diarrhea is your only major medical concern, then over-the-counter medications like those described in other answers to this question are fine.

However, if they fail to work after 2-3 days, see a physician immediately.

,If you have heart issues, hypertension, kidney problems or a history of bowel issues, things may be more serious and you need to see your physician right away.

If you donu2019t have a personal physician, then a trip to the emergency room may be in order.