My father was in Vietnam 6869. He has rarely spoken about his time. Now he has dementia. Does anyone have information on MacVsog?

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Vietnam time now

MACV-SOG or military assistance command Vietnam - special operations group was the umbrella organization for many different types of missions.

It was comprised of CIA spooks, US Army Green Berets, Navy SEALS, USAF 1sy Air Commando, and Marine Recon.

Also involved were Hmong guerillas, and regular ARVN troops.

Operations were carried out in South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

,The CIA had overall command.

Most missions were secret and dangerous.

Only the most badass people were picked to carry out missions.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was an important recon target.

,The CIA has been criticized for many missions that were poorly planned on locations that were not important.

The CIA also tried to do to much.

What started out as a purely recon organization became a anything, any time group.

The CIA lost focus and overall performance was poor.

,Secrecy and silence were important.

These habits appear to be carried to the end.

Donu2019t ask questions.

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