How much money should I bring to Davao City? I am an American citizen who will be staying in Davao for a month. I also need a furnished apartment or studio to rent, where do you suggest?

Manila to Surigao flight

Davao City land area is big and is located in the Island of Mindanso.

What do you want to see or where to go sighting would depend on where you are taking your 24 hours rest period.

If you are on holiday only stay, I suggest you search the places to go on sightseeing and always on a lookout for a holiday home.

Money to bring? Davao City has atm in place and currently the exchange rate is in vicinity of $1 to php 52.

3 or less maybe.

There may be exchange centres in Davao City or you may do exchange with the banks there which I would recommend.

If you wish to go directly to Davao City from USA bypassing Manila (though it would stop its international flight) I recommend you fly with Philippine Airlines (PAL) from USA to Manila to Davao City by way of domestic flight.

You will be probably in Davao City airport in the following day at 4.

00pm .



Phil time is a little bit ahead of USA.

If USA is Friday.


Philippines is Saturday .

Hence you arrive in Davao City in the Sunday afternoon.

There is no surfing beaches in Davao City but up North in Siargso, Surigao del Norte.

In Davao City the road traffic is terrible and you should live with it.

Just see your local exchange for Philippine peso.

For the meantime bring about PHP 10,000.


If you are interested in going to Davao City, am offering my help in Quora to answer your queries to the best of my knowledge.


Cebu Pacific

Yes Cebu Pacific is a good airlines company.

Its actually at the top of its class and it also comes with lower rates than most airline companies in the Philippines.

Also keep in mind that it is the only one that takes you to various destinations in the country.

Hope this comment helps! Good luck!