Is Uber available at Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro airport

Yes, Uber is available at Santos Dumont airport.

The pickup location is in the Bossa Nova mall/shops.

You canu2019t miss the Uber u201cloungeu201d with seats and WiFi while you wait, but hereu2019s a video clip:

Galeu00e3o International Airport

Define u201cbestu201d.

Guarulhos is by far greater (itu2019s the greatest in Brazil) in terms of traffic, area.



,I travelled on both on various occasions and couldnu2019t see much differences with regard to functionalities.

Guarulhos itu2019s a little bit fancier.

Rio de Janeiro Airport departures


n,Every time I wanted to leave Cuba, the wait from the time I wanted to leave until I was able to was 1 month.

Imagine the situation of its own citizens.

,The most unexpected experience was Thailand, where I observed a back-packer in front of me getting the 3rd degree from 3 different computer systems run by men in different uniforms.

,In Grenada under the Socialist regime of Maurice Bishop there were problems leaving.

,In Chile under Augusto Pinochet, without a U.


Passport I would never have gotten out.

,nAll these experiences were where they knew you were a tourist and an American tourist at that.

,Come to think of it, Brazil,or at least Rio de Janeiro airport is rather picky about checking you out before you leave.

If your visa has expired you can expect a hefty fine.

,To me, there is no more fundamental right than to able to instantly get the hell out of any dodgy place you are fed up with.

If there are any places like Thailand or Rio who look at every departure as a pretext to hold you up for a bribe, they are de facto as bad as authoritarian regimes.

,I think during the time of the Berlin Wall, that was the symbol of authoritarian government.

Today there are places that are corrupt, or hyper-sensitive to drug smuggling or terrorism, that can be a nuisance to leave.

Rio de Janeiro Airport arrivals

Sometimes :),As always it depends and I can only speak for the airline Iu2019m working for which is german Lufthansa.

,/* EDIT: This answer was originally to a question whether working as a flight attendant is luxurious.

The original question got merged with the one above so please keep that in mind.

*/Work itself I wouldnu2019t describe as luxurious as most things are security and service oriented.

The meal in between sometimes does when you get something from business class, though work itself is work and not too glamorous.

,But the moment you leave the airplane with a crew of twenty in sleek uniforms walking through the airport making everyone turning their heads the picture starts to change.

And the moment you arrive in your hotel room you feel like a little prince or princess - our rooms (usually) are no suites but always very very nice, weu2019re usually staying in five star hotels, sometimes four stars, rarely less.

,(This is above average for what we usually get but this was my room in Asgabat, Turkmenistan and I still canu2019t quite believe it ^^),But the real luxuries start when you notice that the Hilton youu2019re staying at is right in front of the Cocacobana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

,That the Hyatt in Johannesburg you just checked in is an hour away from a park where youu2019ll be hugging a real elephant after a short nap.

,Thatu2019s the moment when you canu2019t believe that youu2018re getting paid for essentially being on a mini vacation.

,So yes it sometimes really is luxurious to be a flight atendant.

And some of us get a little spoiled from it sometimes.

But donu2019t forget that on the way there and back we help you clean up after throwing up, deal with people rendering the lavatories an extinction event and just in general being held responsible for everything not being the way it should be, whether justified or not.

,Iu2019d miss it very much nevertheless.

Not for the luxuries.

For the places, people and cultures Iu2019ve seen and for the friends I made.