What does this means "Guardia sereno-o-o! A las doce han dado-o-o!"? My teacher says its a Spanish language.

Angelica meaning in spanish

Hello Angelica.

Thanks for your question.

It is a Spanish idiomatic expression which I am not familiar with.

I havent heard it from Caribbean Islanders who speak Spanish in the Great Antillis, where I come from.

It is, possibly from Mexico, Central, or South America.

I am not sure though.

I hope someone else may be able to answer your question.

Best to you, Denise :)

Angelica meaning in Hebrew

Malachi was the name of a prophet in the Jewish and Christian faiths.

However the name for an angel in general in Arabic is Malaak, in Hebrew is Malakh, in Aramaic itu2019s Malakha and in Swahili itu2019s Malaika.

So clearly the Prophet Malachiu2019s name is closely linked to the name for an angel, like how we might name a girl Angela / Angelica or a man Angelos / Engel in some cultures.

It doesnu2019t mean they are actual angels; but their names mean angel.

,I hope that helps!