What is your review of the new "Amazon Prime" show "Mirzapur"?

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Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3 plot


1 ) Profanity (MC/BC) canu2019t heighten drama or thriller.

(Watch Game of Thrones again if anyone has doubt).

,Anurag Kashyap uses it judiciously so it looks natural and leaves its impact on our minds.

In Mirzapur, vulgar words seem forced.

,2) The plot is very cliche here.

It seems like a bad movie of Mithun Chakraborty from 80u201390s.

,3) The gun business to establish crime empire was unconvincing.

How can one become wealthy/powerful by selling gun at Rs.

1500 per unit? Why did they go in for so much trouble for so low return? I donu2019t get it.

,4) The characters are weak/unrealistic (by weak I mean black/white which doesnu2019t work nowadays) and I donu2019t know whom to root for except Munnabhai.

,5) Pankaj Tripathiu2019s straight faced could not develop tension in the story.

Few will disagree with me here but compare him with Amrish Puri/Paresh Rawal.

Both of them experiment with their looks/voices/mannerism to bring out new villainous characters in every movie.

,6) The Ending was high and dry.

Beena Tripathi rightly remarked, u201cGaram kar ke chhod diya.

u201d,A story should end in the same season.

The next season should start with the different story but with same background.



Prison Break-1 was about breaking the season and the Prison Break 2 was about treasure hunt and police chase.

,Barring the first fifteen minutes and few scenes of Munnabhai (Divyendu is awesome here), the series was disastrous.

,Few Laughable scenes:,Policeman couldnu2019t figure out blood from the colour of carpet.

,Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster angle was missed/underutlized here.

I expected Beena Tripathi to have affair with Munna or any other powerful person leading to power games.

,Righteous Father is too 80s and implausible.

,Kulbhushan was watching the mating of animals on Discovery.

For what? Weird Fantasy.

,Love triangle of Munna-Guddu-Sweety was too childish (neither cute nor thrilling).

,The problem with Mirzapur is that it was influenced by Gangs of Wasseypur.

They tried to create Mirzapur in Wasseypur.

,The writers need to wander on the streets of Mirzapur to unearth realistic stories the way Anurag Kashyap did for Gangs of Wasseypur.

,If we want to compete at global level, then we need to roll up our sleeves and develop earthy engaging story, else digital may become the next TV and Indian youngsters will look for American content.