What if Vietnam and the Philippines went to war (no allies involved and pretend that the distance between the two countries is much smaller)?

Philippines to Vietnam distance

It would be a stalemate.

Vietnam has much stronger armed forces but Philippines has thousands of islands.

The Filipino army would be able to wear down the vietnamese army.

Philippines to Singapore travel time

Singapore should be best for most Indians, due to following reasons:,Well connected: Less travel time, 4.


5 Hrs.

Tickets can be as cheap as 4500/- (yes indian Rs.


Multiple Direct flights to all Tier 1 and major tier 2 cities.

,Less Time Zone Difference: Only 2.

5 Hrs difference.

You can always be in touch with your family on call (its a pain to call from US & Canada), no Jetlag when you travel, so you can plan short (few days) trips also multiple times a year.

,Large Indian Diaspora: Over 10% population is of Indian ethnicity, among highest of all countries.

You can easily find Indian food, grocery (no other Indian store can beat variety of Mustafa).

,All festivals are celebrated (If you still miss India, its just 5Hrs away you can celebrate it at home),Warm as most of India : Throughout the year temperature remains beween 29u201331 degrees.

Similar to the warm weather in India.

,Many Indian Schools: Branches of many Indian Schools with Indian syllabus.

So if you plan to move back to India, its a smooth transfer to that schoolu2019s Indian branch, no re admission issues.

,English Speaking.

*Tamililans have added advantage as Tamil is one of the 4 official languages.

,MaidsFull time maids are available a quite reasonable salary.

(Not having maid in developed countries is a big issue for some Indians),Practically in many terms Singapore is like an extension of India (and much better).

,Low Income Tax: ~7.

5%,Good places around to visit: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia etc.

have very good connection.

,Also it has all the goodies of developed country:,Extremely low crime rate: Among lowest in world.

,Excellent Infrastructure,High standard of living,High income (for highly skilled people),Excellent public transport,Excellent tourism avenues,Awesome and safe street food,Clean air,Very good public spaces,Pride of being among the top in many indices.

,Its like a perfect city for Indians.

,No other country in world promises Indians more comprehensive package.

,Edit: Other good options have some constraints:,USA & Canada: Almost opposite time zone, so you hardly get time to call home.

nVery long travel time (also costly) and heavy jetlag (restricts trips to India).

,European Countries (except UK): Language difference (for both living and working ).