What is the easiest experiment you can do to prove that Earth is round?

California to Tokyo flight time

Oh, cu2019mon, stop fidgeting with horizons, ships at sea and lunar eclipses.

,Letu00b4s do something that requires a couch, your laptop, smart phone or PC and true, inspiring, deep laziness.

,Open the following page (or search for yourself this Google Search u201ctickets Santiago Sidneyu201d):n FareCompare Search ResultsNotice flight time from Santiago de Chile to Sydney: 15 hours.

,Open the following page (or search for yourself this Google Search u201ctickets New York Tokyou201d):n #1 in Travel Deals, Cheap Flight Deals, Airline DealsNotice flight time from New York to Tokyo: 14 hoursCompare flight times with this image, which is the model of Flat Earth at the Flat Earth Society:,Reach your own conclusions, as the u201cexperimentu201d you ask for is made daily by planes that fly between those four cities.

,Go to the kitchen and open a can of Coke and a bag of Doritos and return to Youtube puppies and porn.

,Enjoy life, happy to know that someone (me) finally found a way out of the predicament of having to explain every freaking day at Quora why the Earth is a globe.

,However, if you are into it, do the following:,Homework: explain why the planes from Santiago to Sydney do not fly over California, if that is the shortest route on a flat Earth.

,Show and tell: Find and bring to class any pilot that works for LAN (Chilean airline) and ask him how it feels to travel at three times the speed of sound in an ordinary Airbus and why he does not work flying SR-71s if the paycheck is better.

,Group Work: explain why you only see three elephant shadows in this picture of a Moon eclipse.


Sensei level work: explain why there is no way that a polar projection of a globe can deliver same directions, distances and areas as in real life.

Bonus: explain why the US is way smaller than Brazil in the Flat Earth projection.