Spain has conquered many nations, and if not for them, South America wouldnt be speaking Spanish. Why are people so sensitive about Americans slaughtering natives and colonizing North America, but Spanish folks dont get criticized nearly as much?

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Look at the two maps below:,You can clearly see that there is a higher % of Native Americans in what were former Spanish Colonies, whilst outside the Arctic and some areas in Canada (which were for a long time French and not English) there are no large Native populations.

This is in part due to the different colonisation processes carried out by the Spaniards and the English.

,-The Catholic Kings wanted to convert the Natives to Catholicism and make them subjects of the Spanish Crown.

The English wanted their lands and the Indians banished.

,-The Spaniards tended to intermarry and breed with the conquered natives whilst the English tended to either completely wipe them out or move them into reserves.

,-The Laws of Burgos - Wikipedia were enabled by Spain to slowly convert Native Americans into Catholics and subjects of the Spanish Crown.

The many inmoral things that were done to the Indians by the Encomienda system were reported by the Friar Bartolomu00e9 de las Casas - Wikipedia who saw Spain and Portugals mission in the New World as that of converting the Natives to the Catholic Faith, not exploiting them economically which led to the creation of New Laws - Wikipedia in order to protect Native Americans from exploitative Spanish Masters.

,-The Spaniards always were the minority, but were the ones in charge for more than 300 years, which means they did things right.

,-Overall Spain was less harsh with the natives than the English the Spanish Crown recognising them rights and accepting mixed marriages.

,Of course Spain gets criticised all the time and it is also true that the original invasions by Cortu00e9s and Pizarro at first were horrible.

But that lasted a few decades, until 1542 when the New Laws were enacted.

The Aztec Empire was conquered in 1521 and Pizarro conquered Peru in 1533.

,There are whole swathes of South American countries where every single present ill is blamed on Spaniards mainly due to local politicians who after 2 centuries of independence (ironically probably descended from the original Spanish settlers) keep blaming all their present problems on Spaniards, even though Spain has had no say in local politics for 200 years.

,This was devised by local politicians as a scapegoat due to their own incompetence to govern.

Would you imagine US Presidents blaming all of Americas problems on the United Kingdom? That is pretty much what many local politicians in the Philippines and South America have been doing for years, and it seems to work with the lesser members of society as a scapegoat excuse, althoughu2014as people become more educatedu2014this is likely to disappear.

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