What is the dark side of each zodiac sign?

aries-taurus cusp woman personality

If i were to define the term of my own dictionary.

Dark side is popularly known for exposing gray areas of what you need to see in every aspect in business whether itu2019s positive or negative retreat.

(I am an Aries/Taurus cusp of Power, April 17, child that knows Aries and Taurus nature quite perfectly in harmony as my own crime in partner, toxic partner, and perfect marriage couple.

Each sign is explained in a personal, honest, and real life friendship examples of dark side.

Personal family relationships are included as well, not just them, and my friends too.

Aries - I am a downside of emotional stress, failures, idea of giving up, planning to question every human living existence and the idea of human earth and Godu2019s true form of allowing human creatures to be alive.

(Iu2019m talking about myself.

),Taurus - indisputable, sagacity, unable to harm even when provoked and vulnerable/weak, has zero interests into knowing personal soft and major inner cores, callous, and tight-assed.

(Me),Gemini - detrimental to the person next to them without any means or probably with a reason, undoubtedly bored of argumentative situations that arise in a timely manner, choose to be either worst person ever or the person you donu2019t want to be with at the moment, and have the audacity to gain negative potentiality while undermining someoneu2019s graveyard with malicious remarks or better yet unthinkable, unpredictable nature of a hyena attack at night.

(Basically, I dated a Gemini man and had an interesting resolve.

He lost.

I won just by standing next to him on the right shoulder and said u201cyou already died in the beginning just by breathing and talking.

whatever you say about my deathbed doesnu2019t matter.

I eventually die someday.

by the way, your outfit looks really nice and you look very tired today.

did you even brush your hair? you look like a shrewd horse disguised as a unicorn begging for love and attention.

quit the talk and save time instead of shit talk.

u201d He just kept silent and wanted to do something to me by letting out his arms and hands.

And then I just slapped his hands and clapped around saying if youu2019re (insert name here) and you know it clap your hands.

-clap clap- looks like we have a winner.

Me and you arguing and fighting like a married couple.

u201d Thatu2019s when I decided to stay as friends instead.

He wanted to get married and have a child.

Funny right?,Cancer - From a sudden burst of random sparks of fire like an Aries, they need therapeutic session of self care which happens to be a long while.

They are an intruder towards someone during a random act without plan or with plan; the person involved is being either retorted or victimized by them.

If you are in the situation, they will do something to you.

It will be a memory you will never imagine or foresee a picture that could happen to you.

,Leo - They are vigorously physical and can emerge into a huge scary ball that is in your way and at you in the most strongest suit and weapon.

They choose to use you in the type of situation you are in that are always appropriate and necessary by every measure.

They are also unpredictable with their actions, words, and emotions.

,Virgo - Just like a Leo, they have the potential to defend themselves and sting weak armed mobility towards the person next to them.

The audacity they have for physical fights and arguments is like a bad algorithm of making the wrong move and speaking in the first place.

You will truly see the worst of themselves once you provoke their dark side of character and human nature.

(Warning: My mother is a Virgo sun/Aries moon and can say whatever at me and all sorts.

However, I have decided to let her loose and slept at friendu2019s house for three months.

I came back home and finally was resolved.

It was my one time experience with my mother yet knew right away though it was first time happening.

It never happened again and never will in the future.

),Libra - Nothing is much worse than a Virgo and Taurus getting all worked up.

As for as Leo, they always turn very serious when dark problems happen.

Libra tends to have something in common with these three signs.

They have aggression contradicted with impotence and condescending mindset.

Say something back to them as a response and you will get real hurt in less than a minute.

You will soon regret it and will never forget this special memory in your life.

,Scorpio - Letu2019s say you are the Scorpio and get all dark after a very bad day due to stress, fights, and things that didnu2019t go according to plan.

You are either fading away from everything behind and in front of you trusted by your own inner self, not allowing anyone touch you or talk to you.

No one exists in your time period.

That era is a long process which feels like a month when itu2019s actually like 1 hour of healing and resolving.

If you were someone next to a Scorpio thatu2019s about to become dark because of you and your surroundings, then chances are he/she will cuss at you and will be the most scariest person you could ever possibly imagine.

Do not mess with a Scorpio man and woman.

They must be protected at all costs.

,Sagittarius - Like a Scorpio, they can be their own real, true version of themselves and lash like no other without purpose.

Or better worse, they can have their own logical reason and purpose of hurting someone they love.

They will eventually regret things later but wonu2019t back down when something bad happens to them.

A true Sagittarius man and woman do not enjoy any negative, dark, or bad situations in life at all.

They are actually the opposite of what you expect from them.

Instead of the dark usual self, they are imposed by the fact of truth.

They do not like showing their selves in front of others and act crude.

Wrongdoings and intrepid language doesnu2019t count.

They will lecture you instead and give you a pat in the shoulder.

Dark moments are something Sagittarius knows better than anyone else in the zodiac system.

Because of this, you cannot defeat a Sagittarius person compared from any of the zodiac signs not in a biased way.

The moment you witness trouble in thin air or even a draft, you are uncalled for an independent homework of evaluation, reason, and change at the core of human heart, mind, and strength.

(My brother and sister are both Sagittarius.

),Capricorn - They can be quiet during their personal space.

If darkness occurs, they wonu2019t show much of themselves.

They are either fully aware of the fact theyu2019re exposed or not.

IF the case, they are emotionally wide out in the open and mentally weak.

They believe life has deliberate costs of living the right life and rewarded at the given time planned, accordance of reward and prize.

Although, they can discord themselves with those around them that deals with ambiguities and misunderstandings (like a true Sagittarius).

,Aquarius - He or she is always alone, avoiding occurrences beyond darkest moments in life.

Needless to say, they have that one special, particular friend to contact when the case arises.

They will share all of the story detail by detail, not a single thing left out, and say their hidden thoughts and feelings to that situation in life.

Bringing closure and resolved agreements/confrontations due to unlikeable circumstances, they are always disturbed, wronged, and unbiased for their own blame.

Energized with some passion and a blended mixture of whimsical imaginations in the air while talking on the phone.

After meet up, they would show their daunting, ugly face that looks morbid and repulsively abhorred by many cheap qualities in life.

They try to brush off and ignore the major matter at firsthand but will eventually leave it behind for being taken advantaged of or seen as innocent of violated acts towards human rights.

,Pisces - Do not mess with their personal matters at first move.

Leave them alone.

Let them do the care and support for themselves, if not you go to them.

While time passes by, they will be by your side letting you see how they cope with themselves and change their behavior during each shifts.

Exerting facial communications in one glance will show you their dark messages just by eye to eye.

If you fail to understand their thoughts, emotions, and message, you are likely going to have more sufferings involved and will claim emotional rides leading a rocky connection from each other.

If you pass the code of communication, you will get to listen to them talking to you and will say all the words they wanted to say.

They are very expressive and free with their mind right out of their mouth, like an Aries.

They love to make themselves feel lighter after releasing everything out and trust the right type of person they spend time with the most compared to anyone and everyone in their personal life.

Once you get to know a Pisces man or woman better personally, you are special enough to be their partner in crime, friend, brother or sister like, and someone who can always stay by your side no matter what.

Their darkness cannot be compared or be put into words.

They are like Aries and Taurus, possibly when something is just not working out for them or is having low tolerance and patience for bullshit/drama/tension.

,Thank you for reading my personal, long message to this question for What is the dark side for each zodiac sign? Please do not take things the wrong way or personally insulting, offensive, or no.

It is based off of peopleu2019s uniqueness and characteristics due to their Sun sign.