Why cant I wake up with an alarm?

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Extreme loud alarm ringtone

Most likely because your alarm is set to a ringtone that is more of a lullaby than a wakeup monster.

Well, you know I have listed two extremes, but I am sure you get the point.

,Here are some recommendations:,Set alarm ringtones that are different than your best music.

Pick an app that offers a variety of ringtones.

,Pick an app that allows you to auto-snooze, in case you miss the initial alarm.

,Pick an alarm app that allows you to automatically pick a random ringtone every day u2014 so that you brain is not accustomed to (and therefore tuned out) of just one type of music everyday.

,Use an app that allows you to add trusted people as backups to your alarm.

This comes in handy on that special day when you are an important meeting, interview, test, etc.

If you are up, then you just cancel the alarm for your backups; otherwise, if you sleep through your alarm and snoozes, then hopefully your trusted contacts can wake you up somehow.

,In case you are in the hunt for an app with such features, I highly recommend Galarm.

You will never miss anything again.

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So, download Galarm and sleep assured knowing that you will be woken up when itu2019s time!