What is your favorite song from J-Hopes album, "Jack in the Box"?

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J and R combination names boy

All of them at a conceptual level but if I base on my musical taste/style, the only one Im not a big fan is More, just because Iu2019m not fond of Rock or Grunge, however, I do like the old school rap part as well as the MV.

,This album is a concept album with a perfectly planned storyline from start to finish that not only tells the origin of J-Hopes stage name, but the firsts songs seem heu2019s still in the box, want u2018Moreu2018 and with the instrumental u2018Music Box: Reflectionu2018 we can hear how he wants to get out of the box.

This album is also a space of catharsis where he emptied his thoughts on a deep and philosophical level, fear of the future in a very introspective, and sincere way.

,Although the album is a gem.

Im going to focus on my 3 favorite songs at the moment, and some important details with some personal thoughts.

,= (Equal Sign): Everybody loves this song and I think this guy did it with full intention like everything his scheming mind does with strategy and intent, I said this without demeriting the message of the song and his genuine intention because both aspects can coexist.

,Iu2019m not claiming either heu2019s just aiming for popularity because If he had been, he wouldnu2019t have taken any risk by burning his image as BTS member and facing this new challenge.

For more understanding of what he is doing, how brave he is, I encourage you to read the interviews that have come out for the release (Rolling Stone, Grammy, etc).

Heu2019s very clear and direct about his intentions, motivations, and expectations.

,No, I donu2019t think = (Equal Sign) its just a moving song with an important message.

By the way, the song is not about we are all the same and thats why we have to respect each other, its about being different and thats why we have to respect each other because beauty is in the differences until we form an equal.

,Here comes the interesting part for me.

It is the only song that has more than two people involved among them, the favorite ARMY songwriter, Melanie Fontana, and this is why I think that especially in this song it had to be like that (What ifu2026 also has more names in the credits but thats because of the sample).

,Firstly because the song is not just a rap and secondly because these kinds of songwriters know how to make catchy songs (Hello? u2018Boy with Luvu2018) with the power to go mainstream or viral and reach the general public, and if you add to that the nostalgic 90s vibe/beat, a perfect combination.

,Thats why for some people it sounds like, or reminds them of, Where Is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas.

He joined the current 90s and Y2K trend not forgetting hes a 90s kid who grew up with that music so again this isnt just a concept.

,This is the most Pop song on the album, the most emotional and easy to remember AKA more catchy, in which J-Hope not only raps but sings half the song and especially the u2018chorusu2018 is in English.

From my point of view, itu2019s not just to get the message across to more people but to make the song more mainstream especially if it will be performed at a large music festival where there will be many non-BTS fans.

,I find the melody sexy (sorry for profaning the song, haha), plus the combination of him starting rapping with a low/deep voice and then singing with lighter vocals ud83dudd25.

I mean the audacity, does he want to kill us or what?,Safety Zone: I love the Soul and R&B base of this song, J-hopes melodic rap, and the vocal part at the end that was included for stylistic reasons.

I almost went crazy listening, I thought it was Gsoul but sadly he already clarified heu2019s not the one singing, on Instagram live.

I love that mans vocals so just the idea of listening to him together with my ultimate crush in BTS in one song.

The meltdown.

,Without leaving aside the lyrics where he narrates the crude and difficult reality of fame and the loneliness that accompanies him.

A song with a sad meaning but at the same time very sexy like almost all of R&Bs songs.

,What ifu2026: This song in which he sampled Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Ol Dirty Bastard, a tribute to his influences, just like he did with CNS in the past, songs he used to listen/dance when he started out as a Hip-Hop dancer.

,The lyrics seem a conversation with himself, where it seems that at times separates Jung Hoseok from J-Hope and they exchange dialogue about maintaining that positive image and he questions what would happen if he didnt have dreams, hope, passion, and vision, possibly the most sincere song where he also wonders if didnt have the material possessions that he has, would he continue to maintain that optimistic and hopeful mentality, image and message?,Can I do that shit? The song closes with the question and doesnu2019t come to a conclusion.

,All the lyrics have their level of depth and complexity.

Im still processing and trying to interpret them.

,There is too much to unpack in this album where, as he said, put his entire soul.

,,No one wears suits as cool as he does!