Which airport in the Washington, D.C., area is the best?

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Washington, D.C. airport

BWI (Baltimore) is the easiest to get to, to find parking and, depending on where you live, ground transportation.

Also, Amtrak has a station right by the airport so you can connect easily to Baltimore or Washington or up and down the east coast.

Buses from the terminal.

,IAD (Dulles) is far from DC in the countryside of Virginia.

Very expensive to get to or leave if you use Uber, etc.

There is a shuttle now that takes people from the terminal to the Metro system a few miles away, so you could get into DC that way (likely to take at least an hour, in total).

The walk from the ticket counters to the planes can be very long and then you get on an underground transport thing, which, sometimes, will dump you off in a low ceiling corridor jammed with people and potential disease spreading.

Otherwise, they still have these ancient u201cpeople moversu201d, which are actually like big buses with bench type seating, that will take you from your plane to the main terminal.

The people movers probably seemed like a brilliant idea when they were introduced more than fifty years ago but they have outlived their day, they are slow and make for additional inconvenience in getting on or off the plane.

Overall, I rate Dulles as a pain to use, having been through several times recently.

Also, the signs telling you where to go on exiting the terminal are very poor, some of the worst Iu2019ve seen anywhere.

,The shuttle bus that runs to Parking Lot Two (covered parking) has an announcement just before stopping saying that you are arriving at Parking Lot Two and One.

No, you arenu2019t.

You are at Two.

Parking Lot One requires an advance reservation to park (closest to the terminal).

I assume you could make a res.

on your phone on arriving at the airport but that just adds an additional task to the process.

The economy parking lots are far from the terminal and parking at local hotels, cheaper, can be a confusing mess.

One hotel says the shuttle to the airport only runs once every hour and you only find out after youu2019ve paid for a space.

Want to miss your plane?,If you are going to Reston or any of the businesses located along the highway corridor that leads to Dulles, you would be close to your destination.

Otherwise, if you arrive at morning rush hour, a long trip into DC awaits.

,One benefit of Dulles would be if you are traveling internationally: they have plenty of agents to get you through immigration.

,DCA, National, is close to the city and the Metro stops right in the airport complex.

Renewed, rebuilt modern terminals are the main part of the airport.

Food service has been moved passed security so if you want to eat, you have to wait until you pass through.

The concourses can be very far apart so make sure you have the right one the first time, otherwise it is a long walk if you make a mistake.

Amazon is opening an east coast HQ right by National so if you are going there, or to the Pentagon or Crystal City, you will be close.

Not all that far to Capitol Hill and other places in the core of DC.