What are some Indian brandsproductsservices that are famous outside of India?

market segmentation examples coca-cola

The Story of Thums Upn n,u200b,The brand equity of Thums Up in india was so huge that eventually the cola giant Coca-Cola had to admit defeat and and accept the superiority of Thums Up over Coke.

n nIt all started back in 70s when Coca-Cola, annoyed by draconian government rules for foreign investment, shut down its operation in India.

Seeing the sudden opportunity Parle brothers (Ramesh and Prakash Chauhan) launched this cola, adding to their existing product line of Limca and Goldspot.

n,u200b,It was all going good and these drinks enjoyed enormous popularity from middle class home to high profile parties.

But suddenly a Sikh economist (who was to become Indian prime minister after a decade) made huge changes in the foreign investment policies and global cola giant Coca-Cola and Pepsi re-entered Indian market.

What followed was a war -- known as the cola war between two giants and Parle.

n nParle was smart and realizing the fact that it can not sustain this fight for long (in opinion of some people) sold out to Coca-Cola for $60 million.

At that point of time the market share of Thums Up was a whopping 85%.

Once Thums Up became a brand endorsed by Coca-Cola, the story gets real interesting.

n nCoke has always been the flagship brand of Coca-Cola.

In most of the countries, Coca Cola is the market leader in sparkling water segment (soda) and Coke is its star product.

The stardom of Coke is so celebrated that it has imbibed in the corporate culture of the company over the years and they do everything to keep Coke as the star of the line.

The problem came when India, one of the biggest consumer in the planet, chose a different brand, as its star.

Thums Up had a share of 85% when Coca-Cola entered India for the second time.

In the beginning they tried to kill Thums Up but soon they realized doing so would benefit their rival Pepsico.

So they started to design marketing activity to push Coke to #1 and bring down Thums Up to second.

For example, Coke is priced at Rs.

8 for a 200 ml RGB bottle while they charge Rs 10 for the same Thums Up bottle.

All E&D channels (McDonalds, Dominos, etc.

) sell Coke and you will hardly see Thums Up in their fountain.

Advertisement budget for Thums Up (just a guess) should be significantly lower then Coke.

,But even then the India treats Thums Up like the star it used to be.

So if you see the market share in cola, despite all the efforts Thums Up is still having a significantly higher market share.

So in my opinion, Thums Up is the most badass brand that gave foreign brands many sleepless nights.


Types of market segmentation

Market Segmentation begins with the persona that fits the mold of the audience that a marketer wants to appeal with starting the online marketing journey.

,Customer Relationship Management provides data to work with to create an audience that is attracted to feel the burning desire to become advocates with a sensation to feel they want more of this.

,Advertising is designed to speak directly with the audience members that feel the persona created to relate to the way they want others to view their life.

,In a fast-paced industry like marketing, its vital to stay up on the trends.

Creating a persona with a good mix of motivational, strategic, and tactical ideas and insights about lifestyle develop success and grow a business.

,Discovering the Persona That Drives Business growth activities arent easy, and you get better at them over time.

Keep practicing your new skills until you reach a level of competency that drives results.

,The data collected show the impact and how well received the audience connects with the messages that the persona shares to take action and unplug, slow down, and give your statistics time to process information.

Less can be more to become relevant.

,Market Segmentation delivers customer data with time to evaluate job performance serving customers the right way at the right time to show customer experience - the way you make them feel.

,Market Segmentation provides a strong line of communication and collaboration with internal teams helping deliver statistics producing much greater results for the company.

,The persona created to be the identity to connect with provides the imagination to go all in and embrace the possibility of failure - epic failure.

Know it will happen, and it will be painful.

,The persona is the inspiration to have the courage to BE out of your comfort zone and fail magnificently.

Dust off and try again.

Failure is worth it if you believe in what youre doing.

Its less risky when youre all in because your passion and enthusiasm draw people into your mission.

,Getting out of your comfort zone allows marketers to enter their profit zone as it allows for one to be vulnerable and accept not to be average.

,Follow the trend, work on your persona highlighting skills to help others identify to want that too.

Help others feel they can succeed to take this step.

,Partner with the audience and surround yourself with strong people who identify with the persona as the personality they want to be, do, have as a best friend.

,Imagine taking a disrupting event to turn a problem with the customer presentation and engage giving the power to the customer to control the conversation.

,Starts with a clear identification of the audience that experienced the problem felt so valued that they turned into loyal followers and promoters.

,Creating Marketing personas so that you can nurture them appropriately.



But once youu2019ve already determined these personas through research, you have to put them to use.

,Thanks for your question focused on solving their unique pain points.

What are the 4 types of market segmentation

Geographic: Geographic segmentation targets customers based on a predefined geographic border.

,Demographic: Demographic segmentation divides a market through variables such as age, gender, education level, family size, occupation, and income.

,Psychographic: Unlike geographic segmentation and demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation focuses on the intrinsic traits your target customer possesses.

,Behavioral: Behavioral segmentation has similar measurements to psychographic segmentation but focuses on specific reactions and the way customers go through their decision making and buying processes

Importance of market segmentation

The understanding of the target audience is crucial for building a viable product or service.

Companies use the market segmentation in order to focus their production and marketing campaign on a specific niche of audiences.

The market segmentation is defined as the process to divide the large market into smaller and clearly identified segments or groups having similar needs, demands and characteristics.

The target is to create a marketing campaign that focuses on this specific consumer segment.


More Precise Definition of the Market:Segmentation improves companyu2019s understanding of why consumers do or do not buy certain products.

Marketer can have very clear understanding of his consumers.

He knows adequately about the market.

He can formulate and implement marketing plan more successfully.


Maximum Customer Satisfaction:Marketer can cater needs of customers more effectively.

Market segmentation is relevant to the modern marketing practices.

It ensures both maximum satisfaction to consumers and maximum sales to the company.

Maximum consumer satisfaction is the master key to solve any problem.

Marketer can cater needs of customers more effectively.

Customers can have products as per their needs; they can get better products or services at lower costs.


Effective Marketing Strategy:Market segmentation provides an opportunity to understand needs and wants of different segments of the market.

This can help in formulating marketing mix/programme more meaningfully.

Company can gain a maximum market response.


Essence of Modern Marketing:Market segmentation strategy fits with modern marketing philosophy.

If the marketer wants to satisfy his valued consumers, market segmentation is the only option.

It is an essential condition for the successful modern marketing practice.


Improved Profitability:On the basis of the study on needs of specific group of buyers, the products are manufactured.

Company can attract distinct groups of buyers and can increase sales.

An increased sale has positive impact on its profitability.


Optimum Use of Productive Resources:Market segmentation leads to effective use of the valuable resources.

Resources are allocated and used exactly as per market needs, avoiding mismatching between what marketer offers and what the market needs.

So, valuable resources like man, money, material, space, technology, time, etc.

, can be utilized more effectively.


Benefit of Specialization:It is easy to direct marketing efforts more clearly and specifically.

Company designs its marketing programme for different products and for various groups of buyers.

Specialization in production and marketing can offer a lot of benefits to the company.


High Competitiveness:As a result of market segmentation, a company can treat its consumers more effectively than competitors.

It improves competitive strength of the company.

Company can respond strongly to the competitor; can prevent the entry of competitors; or can defeat competitors.

Company can create and maintain the loyal consumers for long period of time.


Collection of Valuable Information:Market segmentation process elicits a lot of valuable information for the company.

Such information is instrumental for marketing research, product development, and evaluation of marketing activities.

It is also useful for measuring effectiveness of sales and distribution facilities.


Identifying Market opportunity:Market segmentation helps establish close relations with specific groups of buyers.

Close relations facilitate a continuous interaction between consumers and company.

Consumers inform the company regarding changes in their needs, wants, and habits on a continuous basis or whenever asked.

Thus, it is easy for a marketer to project the future trends.

He can identify opportunities to be available currently or in the near future, and can plan accordingly.


Benefits to Society and Nation:ADVERTISEMENTS:,Market segmentation, if taken objectively, can contribute to social welfare and national development.

Basically, it is a consumer-oriented philosophy, and it results into a win-win-win approach, that is, company, society, and nation, all three, are benefited.

,This can improve overall economic system by manufacturing the right products of the right quantity and quality for the right groups of consumers, made available continuously at the right price and place by the right distribution channel.


Benefits to Small Scale Industrial Units:We know that small-scale industrial units can function on a limited scale of operation.

They can have only the limited manufacturing and marketing capacity.

Industries working on a small- scale basis can take advantages of market segmentation.

By concentrating on special demand of specific group of a limited number of consumers, they can afford products and get profitable market easily.

They can compete with the large industrial units, too.

Types of segmentation

Memory segmentation is the division of a computers primary memory into segments or sections.

In a computer system using segmentation, a reference to a memory location includes a value that identifies a segment and an offset (memory location) within that segment.

Segments or sections are also used in object files of compiled programs when they are linked together into a program image and when the image is loaded into memory.

,The need of memory segmentation is explained below:The BIU (Bus Interfacing Unit) contains four special purpose registers called as segment registers.

These are Code Segment (CS) register, Stack Segment (SS) register, Extra Segment (ES) register and Data Segment (DS) register.

,All these are 16 bit registers.

,The number of address lines in 8086 is 20.

So the 8086 BIU will send out a 20 bit address in order to access one of the 1,048,576 or 1MB memory locations.

,But it is interesting to note that the 8086 does not work the whole 1MB memory at any given time.

However it works with only four 64 KB segments within the whole 1 MB memory.

,The four segment registers actually contain the upper 16 bits of the starting addresses of the four memory segments of 64 KB each with which the 8086 is working at that instant of time.

,A segment is a logical unit of memory that may be up to 64 kilo bytes long.

,Each segment is made up of memory contiguous memory locations.

It is independent, separately addressable unit.

,Starting addresses will always be changing.

They are not fixed.

,Figure shows one of the possible ways to position the four 64 KB segments within the 1 MB memory space of 8086.

,There is no restriction on the locations of these segments in the memory.

These segments can be separate from each other or they can overlap.

,In the users program there can be many segments but 8086 can deal with only four of them at any given time because it has only four segment registers.

,Whenever the segment orientation is to be changed, the base addresses have to be changed and load the upper 16 bits into the corresponding segment registers.

,Segment registers are very useful for large programming tasks that require isolation of program code from the data code or isolation of module data from the stack information etc.

,Segmentation builds relocatable and re-entrant programs easily.

In many cases the task of relocating a program simply requires moving the program code and then adjusting the code segment register to point to the base of the new code area.

,Advantages of memory segmentation:Segmentation provides a powerful memory management mechanism.

,It allows programmers to partition their programs into modules that operate independently of one another.

,Segments allow two processes to easily share data.

,It allows to extend the address ability of a processor i.


segmentation allows the use of 16 bit registers to give an addressing capability of 1 MB.

Without segmentation, it would require 20 bit registers.

,Segmentation makes it possible to separate the memory areas for stack, code and data.

,It is possible to increase the memory size of code data or stack segments beyond 64 KB by allotting more than one segment for each area.