Iu2019m wanting to try the Master Cleanse then follow it with the cabbage soup diet. Does anybody know if it would hurt to continue drinking the Master Cleanse after the initial 3 days, while eating the cabbage soup for the next week?

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3 day Master Cleanse

It sounds way too extreme to me.

,For one thing, your body doesnu2019t need to be cleansed or detoxed, if thatu2019s what youu2019re trying to do.

You already have a variety of systems within your body that do the job much more effectively than any product you can buy or concoct.

,Your best bet is to avoid interfering with those systems.

You will likely only make yourself sick.

,Secondly, while cabbage is inherently healthful, eating nothing but cabbage soup for a week will not only get tedious, it will probably also give you gas like you wouldnu2019t believe and possibly diarrhea as well.

,There are much better ways to stay healthy and/or lose weight.

Look into them and steer clear of the fads and detoxes.