What methods can one use to open a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew?

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How to open a wine bottle

Method 1: Locate a wood screw that is at least as long as the cork.

Using a screwdriver, insert the screw into the cork just over two thirds the length of the screw.

Using a pair of pliers, pull straight out on the screw until the cork leaves the bottle.

Note that pulling out at an angle may break the cork.

If this occurs, remove the free portion of the cork and repeat with the remaining part of the cork still in the bottle.

,Method 2: Uncoil and straighten a wire coat hanger.

Using a pair of wire cutters, cut off the spiral ends which compose the neck of the hanger so at least one end of the wire is straight and smooth.

Using a pair of pliers, bend the smooth end of the wire into a u201cJu201d shape.

Insert the bent end of the wire into the bottle between the cork and the glass.

Push the wire down the side of the cork until the u201cJu201d clears the cork.

Rotate the wire so the end of the u201cJu201d is under the cork, preferably pointing into the center of the cork.

Pull the wire up and out of the bottle, bringing the cork with it.

,Method 3: Find a blunt object like a dowel rod or the handle of a wooden mixing spoon that is smaller in diameter than the mouth of the bottle and is at least 12 inches long.

Place the bottle on a flat, dry surface.

A towel or similar item can be put under the bottle to prevent it from sliding.

Put the blunt end of your tool in the center of the top of the cork.

Apply downward pressure to force the cork into the bottle.

Note that this method will push some of the wine out of the bottle, so there is a risk of a messy spill and stains in the case of red wine.