Which is the best Starbucks frappuccino out of these options, mocha, caramel, vanilla, smores or just a regular frappuccino?

Best Starbucks Frappuccino

Since most of the frappuccinos have both coffee and cream based.

,Based on taste, itu2019s hard to say.

Our taste buds varies, you may not like what I like.

,I am not a caramel person, I like the Su2019mores as a cream-based and not as coffee .

,I love the java chip better than the mocha.

,I am not too keen on the vanilla bean.

I do like the Caffe Vanilla with Chocolate chips.

I canu2019t say their is a best or better, It really depends on my mood.

,To me the best is when you keep using a constant ingredient in your frappuccino as well as flavor.

Starbucks secret menu

There isnt a secret menu exactly, but there are drinks that would be recognized at almost every Starbucks across the country that arent listed on the paper menus.

These drinks are mainly ones that used to be on the menus at one point or are promotional/seasonal beverages, but still get ordered frequently.

They include things like a zebra mocha (also called tuxedo mocha and black & white mocha), caramel mocha (this is sometimes still on the menu), Redeyes (and etc, as Garrick mentions), cafe misto, and a load of others.

( http://www.


com/menu/drinks/brewed-coffee/cafe-misto ),You can actually find a more extensive list of possibilities online: http://www.


com/menu/drinks/,The two things Id say about the idea of secret menus at Starbucks are these:n,You can pretty much have anything you can think of.

,If you dont know/cant think of something, you can have anything your barista can think of.

,Your baristas experiment ENDLESSLY with different drink variations and creations.

They sample everything (its their job!).

So if you want something different, ask.

Tell them some drinks you like, some drinks you dont, and ask what theyd recommend.

If you give them some basic parameters, I bet they will come up with something amazing for you - and write it down so you know what it is and can order it again.

,The REAL hack to ordering/finding your perfect drink is to use your resources: your baristas.

Go in at a quieter time and ask them to create something for you.

Chances are, theyll get so interested and involved you guys might experiment with a few things.

And theyll very likely be glad to make you something else if you dont like the experimented drink - but if they dont offer, dont hesitate to tell them you disliked it.

They should (its a rule!) replace it for you for something you do like.

Just try not to chug the whole thing down and THEN complain, okay? Because thats sort of a hard one to swallow, even though they will.

,Have fun!