Is Joe Biden in good enough health to take on Donald Trump?

Big Mac guy health

Donald Trump is a hundred pounds overweight and lives on a diet of Big Macs.

Itu2019s been a century since we had a President in worse health, and yes, Iu2019m scoring the guy with polio higher.

,Obviously Biden is in better health than Trump.

Why is this even a question?

Most Big Macs Ever eaten in one sitting

I remember it well.

I was hiking with my brother and good friend in Canada and it was quite strenuous.

My, being about 18, and an athlete, was at my lifeu2019 appetite peak.

After three days on the trail my friend began limiting what he was willing to prepare for breakfast and he controlled the stove.

That left me with just my snacks which ran out quickly.

By the time we returned to the car I was was one hungry son of a gun.

Actually, I was so hungry I felt desperate.

I would have eaten garbage if thatu2019s all there was.

After about a four hour drive we arrived in Toronto and we stopped at good olu2019 Micky Du2019s.

I consumed a Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder, a chicken sandwich, a filet-o-fish, two orders of fries and an apple pie.

I then piled back into the car and went to sleep.

Iu2019ve had some other big meals but this one topped them all.