How do I make Korean BBQ sauce?

Galbi recipe

Shredded onions, either korean pear or apple(fuji), lots of soy sauce, liquor(clear), lots of sugar, and garlic.

,There are several recipes and they all include these ingredients, difference recipes would have different ratios of these ingredients and maybe extra spices.

,For instance, here is a link to galbi sauce recipe in english.

Korean beef short ribs recipe slow cooker

First of all, Iu2019m not sure what you mean by u201cstale beefu201d.

Beef doesnu2019t get u201cstaleu201d like bread when kept too long before cooking, it actually gets more strongly flavoured until it hits the point of starting to go rancid due to bacterial growth, which is indicated by a strong foul odour.

But, Iu2019m going to assume for purposes of the answer that you mean it tastes like the beef equivalent of stale bread: dry, tough, flavourless.

,Iu2019m also not totally sure what kind of u201cshort ribsu201d weu2019re talking about here.

There are more than one way to cut short ribs: they can be cut in thin strips perpendicularly to the bone, producing what almost looks like bacon with 3 to 5 u201cbuttonsu201d of bone in each strip; this is known as u201cflanken cutu201d, u201cMiami ribsu201d, or u201cgalbiu201d in the Korean tradition.

They can also be cut in big thick pieces perpendicular to the bone, in which case basically a much thicker version of the flanken cut which Iu2019ll call u201cthick cross-cutu201d, or parallel to the bone, producing a longish segment of rib as an individual piece, which is called u201cEnglish cutu201d.

Iu2019m just going to group these styles into two u2014 thin and thick u2014 where u201cthicku201d includes both across the bone and along the bone.

,If youu2019re talking about flanken (thin) cut short ribs, the key is to marinate them first, and then grill them quickly, since thin strips of meat can easily get overcooked.

To my taste, Korean cuisine really has shortrib marinade perfected, so if you find a bottle of galbi sauce (sometimes spelled kalbi) itu2019s a great condiment to keep in the fridge if you eat a lot of Miami ribs.

,Now if weu2019re talking about thick-cut shortribs, thatu2019s a slow-cooking cut.

The fact is short ribs are a tough cut of beef; flanken cut ribs only get to be treated as a tender cut because theyu2019re so thin, and even then marination helps.

For English cut or thick cross-cut ribs, your best bet is probably to braise them.

You can use a casserole, dutch oven or regular pot for a few hours, or a slow cooker all day, to gently simmer the ribs in a well-flavoured liquid.

Cook them for too short a time, and they wonu2019t become tender; boil them too hard and youu2019ll suck out all the flavour.

Also, before you start braising the meat you should give it a rich brown colour on the outside by searing it on a hot skillet or under a broiler.

This is called the malliard reaction and adds a lot of flavour.

For the braising, I usually use a combination of beef stock and tomato paste, and sometimes red wine, as a base, and add all my favourite herbs and spices along with onion, sometimes mushrooms, really whatever youu2019re feeling.

There are lots of recipes out there, and you can even draw inspiration from lamb shank or osso buco recipes.

The key is low and slow.

The beef should be falling off the bone when itu2019s done.

,The other option besides braising is barbecuing, ideally using an offset charcoal bbq to cook it with smoke.

This takes a bit more skill and equipment because you need to use smoldering charcoal to control the temperature on the grill such that, again, the beef is cooked for long enough (probably 6 hours) to make it tender but gently enough not to overcook it and dry it out.

What to serve with Korean short ribs

There are a few popular Hawaiian dishes that are smoked, grilled or barbecued.

,Kalua Pork:Traditionally, Kalua pork is a whole hog wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over hot coals in a rock lined pit called an imu.

Cooking a pig in an imu isnu2019t that practical, so most Kalua pig you see in restaurants is pork shoulder rubbed with salt and braised in a liquid smoke spiked broth.

When tender it gets chopped up and wet with itu2019s salty smokey cooking liquid.

Kalua pig is served in a variety of ways: au natural, on hamburgers, on top of nachos and pizza, rolled up in a burrito, as a sandwich, on a loco moco, or anywhere else you could put a pile of pork.

Kalua pork in typically served with rice.

,Smoked Meat:Smoked meat can be pork belly or pork butt sliced, marinated in shoyu, sugar, garlic and ginger and smoked.

It is often sautu00e9ed with onions and glazed with oyster sauce as seen in the picture.

It is typically served with a big scoop of rice and eggs.

,Kalbi ribs:Kalbi ribs are Korean style grilled short ribs.

Thinly cut across the bone, short ribs are marinated in shoyu, sugar, ginger, garlic and sesame oil and grilled, ideally over charcoal.

They are typically served with rice.

,Huli Huli Chicken:Huli Huli chicken is chicken that has been marinated in, wait for it, shoyu, sugar, garlic, ginger and vinegar or pineapple juice.

It is grilled in a rotisserie over an open flame and served with, you guessed it, rice.

,Smoked fish:Smoked fish is also popular in Hawaii.

Any fish can be smoked but ahi and kajiki (Blue Marlin) are the most common.

Most people enjoy their smoked fish in a dip with crackers or nacho chips but if youu2019re tough enough youu2019ll bite into a smoked marlin sandwich.

Made from a butter soaked and grilled Loveu2019s roll spread with mustard and horseradish, a marlin sandwich is stuffed with smoked fish, raw onion and capers.

Donu2019t kiss anyone for a few hours after eating.

Smoked marlin sandwiches are served with rice.