What is the long term success rate for Restaurant Impossible makeovers?

Restaurant Impossible success rate

Quick web search of two episodes we watched tonight shows 2 for 2 that have failed.


Restaurant: Impossible Season 20

Jesse Sutton (unfortunately no relative of my family, I believe) had the most important trick in his answer.

That is this: For every serving, use two regular eggs PLUS the yolk only from a third egg.

I know this to be true in the 1970u2019s at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington DC and in the 2010u2019s at the Four Seasons Hotel, Austin Texas.

This is the u201cHotel Blendu201d thatu2019s unique in taste and texture to warrant the $20 plate of scrambled eggs.

So in conclusion, the yolk only (thatu2019s the yellow part) added to regular eggs results in a superior and unless you know it impossible to duplicate dish.

(And you do now so thereu2019s no excuse) As far as the butter and other particulars like the type and temperature of the pan, I yield to the other Sutton, Mr Jesse Sutton or Chef Sutton.

Happy breakfast!