Should I boil coffee when using Italian espresso machine?

Italian espresso machine

Iu2019m not sure what do you mean by u201cboilu201d.

,Every day I use a Bialetti Brikka machine similar to the one in the photo in the question details.

I put water at the bottom and ground coffee in the middle, and I put it on a stove.

When the water boils through the coffee and comes out at the top, itu2019s ready.

,It can be drank immediately as an espresso shot, or mixed with milk to your taste as latte, cappuccino, etc.

It doesnu2019t need more boiling.

Espresso machine brands

u201cWhich is the best espresso machine after La Marzacco, Brezzer/Rancilio?u201dMethinks itu2019s the wrong question.

First of all, thereu2019s no such a thing as a u201cbest machineu201d, there are machines that are better for certain purposes than others, and machines that are more u201ccost effectiveu201d than others (i.


a better deal),Second, above a certain threshold of quality of the machine (Rancilio Silvia and above), the grinder matters more in the overall quality than the machine (up to another level, after which the machine matters again more),So, unless we understand your preferred espresso drink, preferred use (domestic vs professional), country you are in (prices and distribution change from country to country), how much space you have, what type of power (110V vs 220V) and plumbing you have, itu2019s really hard to answer the question (similar to u201cwhatu2019s the best car after Hyundai and Ferrari?u201d),As a side note, itu2019s La Marzocco and Bezzerau2026