How do I know if I am being overcharged for nasi lemak? Whats a reasonable price to pay?

4 types of fried eggs

u2018Nasi Lemaku2019 is a cheap-priced food ranging from ringgit 1.

50 for a little packet of the rice to as much as 10ringgit depending on the side and number of sides you choose - fried prawn, squid will cost more than a piece of fried chicken.

Iu2019d say an average price would be 8 ringgit (includes a fried chicken).

A basic nasi lemak should be 5 ringgit (no sides).

,^^Ringgit 1.

50 for a packet of nasi lemak; basic fare with a quarter of hardboiled egg (sometimes a tiny piece of omelette), some fried anchovy, peanuts, cucumber and sambal.

,^^Ringgit 7-8 with a piece of fried chicken or curry chicken and usually half a hardboiled egg (or a fried egg); available at night market.

,^^expect to pay a lot more for a side of sambal shrimp or fried prawn - this type nasi lemak will unlikely be streetside but in a restaurant.

,^^youu2019ve got a curry chicken, two pieces of spicy squid to accompany the rest of the condiments in a nasi lemak set meal - served in a modern cafeteria/bistro style restaurant: 25 ringgit.

,US$1=4 ringgit Malaysian.

Over medium eggs

In my experience, the whites will cook faster than the yolks, since the yolk is encased in a very thin membrane and forms a dome shape, while on the skillet.

In other words, very little of the yolk comes into direct contact with the skillet.

,So when the egg is flipped, the whites start cooking right away.

,I suppose the terms u2018easyu2019 and u2018mediumu2019 are somewhat subjective, but when you have eggs u2018over easyu2019, that means the whites are either mostly or fully cooked and the yolks are fully runny.

,When you say eggs u2018mediumsu2019, it means the yolks are partially cooked and slightly runny, which means the whites are most likely fully cooked.