Did you ever cry when you opened a Christmas gift?

Christmas Birthday cake for boy

Christmas 2019.

,My 17-year-old son had gotten his first job.

He was working at Taco Bell.

,We didnu2019t exactly force him to get a job.

We just informed him that we were not increasing his token allowance nor paying for gas and entertainment.

,So, he got the job.

He basically hated it, but he went three days a week and earned a paycheck.

,I bake.

I bake a lot, and I make fancy cakes for everyoneu2019s birthday and special celebrations.

Sometime during the summer, I had mused to my husband that what I really needed was the glass bowl for my Kitchenaid.

It would be so helpful for knowing how much frosting I had made, and having two bowls (the stainless one that came with it, and a glass one) would mean I donu2019t have to wash the bowl between cake and frosting.

A lid would mean I could make something then just store it in the fridge for later, or let bread rise overnight all in the same bowl.

,I mentioned that Iu2019d have to get myself one of those someday, and then moved on.

I donu2019t usually buy myself anything I just *want.

* I only buy things I actually *need.

*,Christmas morning, I opened a big box from my son, and found the exact glass KitchenAid bowl I had talked about.

I never asked him for any gift, let alone one that cost the equivalent of a whole shift for him.

,He just knew it was what I wanted, and went out and got it.

,I was so touched that an occasionally sullen and pouty teenage boy listened like that, I couldnu2019t help but cry.