It seems people on Instagram have a good life. For example, traveling, enjoying good food, wearing good clothes, etc. Are they real or fake?

Happiness is sharing food quotes

Donu2019t get sucked into the porn!No, Iu2019m not talking about the beautiful (almost completely) naked women (although thereu2019s plenty of that).

Iu2019m talking aboutu2026,Life Porn,Hell yeah! Beautiful babe on a luxury yacht!,Food Porn,What if pizza and cake mated! Pizza cake!,Happy Family Porn,Look at my cute baby and shirtless husband! We never fight and my baby never cries!,BFF Porn,Weu2019re going to be best friends for ever!!!,Travel Porn,Look at the exotic places Iu2019m at that youu2019ll never go to!,Romance Porn,Weu2019re toooooootally in love!,And on and on and onu2026,As other people have said, Instagram/social media is fake.

Itu2019s like basically watching TV commercial-quality reality TV all the time.

,Even if you donu2019t follow those fake pros, you may get trapped into comparing yourself to your friends.

,Wait - did I say friends?,No, I meant that person you used to go to high school with and your cousin you never see and your ex-coworker.

,Even when comparing yourself to others, remember that they arent posting the bad stuffu2026.

just the good.

,And, just so that this post doesnt get too cynical, theres a harsh truth that I have to tell.

,Some people just have better lives than you.

But not really as much as you think.

,One key to happiness is not comparing yourself to other people.

,Donu2019t covet thy neighboru2019s wife, or manservant, or house, or richesu2026The bottom line is to not look at porn.

It feels good, but its addicting and a waste of time.

,The opposite of coveting is gratitude.

Thankfulness, sharing, not comparing.

,On a final note, consider this wise Instagram quote:,Thanks for reading :)