Cocktails: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How do I make great margaritas?

How to make frozen margaritas at home

The recipe for a classic margarita is deceptively simple:,,1 part fresh-squeezed lime juice.

Better if you use a true lime.

Dont use anything out of a green lime-shaped bottle.

,1 part Cointreau.

Yes its more expensive than Grand Marnier, but its worth it.

The Patron Citronage stuff is weird, in my opinion.

,1 part tequila, either blanco or reposado.

Never use a mixto (for anything, really, unless you like sickly sweet drinks and hangovers).

Using an anejo in a mixed drink is just a waste of money.

,nCombine all the ingredients in a tumbler, fill with ice, and shake well.

Strain and serve immediately.

,On ice: frozen margaritas do more to mask a crappy drink than improve it.

Ice-cold drinks dull your taste buds (just like serving white wine at fridge temperatures masks bad wine).

When the ice melts, you then end up with a watered-down drink.

Donate that Margaritaville blender to your local frat house.

,On salt: salt is definitely optional.

If youve never had a good fresh margarita, try it without salt first.

If you or your guests still demand it, rim the glass with a lime wedge and roll half the rim in a plate of salt.

Dont pretend that your glass is a cookie cutter and mash it into a circular tray of salt like you work at Chevys.

,On sweeteners: also optional.

Sugar is often added to mask bad liquor and increases the probability for a hangover.

If you must, use a simple syrup over sugar because it blends far faster.

How to make a margarita on the rocks

A Texas margarita is kind of like an English muffin - no one in the respective location has ever heard of it.

,I consider myself a connoisseur of margaritas, Iu2019ve drunk more than a thousand of them.

I also live in Texas.

But Iu2019d never heard of a Texas margarita.

So, I asked around.

None of the native Texans I talked to have ever heard of a Texas margarita.

Maybe, I thought, what we call a margarita, outsiders call a Texas margarita.

So, I did some research.

,A margarita is a combination of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice.

The ratios vary, but they are usually decreasing in the order I listed.

The drink can be served either on the rocks or frozen.

My personal recipe is the antichrist 6u20136u20136 (6 ounces of tequila, six ounces of triple sec, and six ounces of frozen limeade - that makes enough for two).

,Anyway, my research revealed that there is not a single definition of what non-Texans call a Texas margarita.

Some call for adding as much orange juice as lime juice.

Some call for adding orange juice and beer.

Some call for pineapple juice instead of orange juice.

,I returned to my native Texans and told them about the orange juice.

Almost to a one, they responded u201cIsnu2019t that what the triple sec is for?u201d,Texans arenu2019t purists when it comes to margaritas.

Any good Tex-Mex restaurant will have half-a-dozen different kinds.

They are usually separated into two groups u201cClassicu201d and u201cFlavoredu201d.

A margarita with beer (Corona) is called a Coronarita.

But, if you ask a Texan for a Texas margarita, youu2019re going to get a margarita.