Whatu2019s your favorite fish to eat except salmon? How do you cook it?

Salmon with tomato sauce pasta


They are plenty, cheap, healthy, versatile and tasty.

In my book, salmon does not tick even one of those boxes.

,FriedIt requires some technique alright.

Pinch of the head and take out the bone.

Or let your fishmonger do that for you.

Then marinate the fillets in salt water (20 minutes) and wine vinegar (another 20 minutes).

Dry the fillets, pass them in flour and fry away.

,GrilledGut the sardines and grill.

Season with salt.

So easy, so tasty.

Popular all around the Mediterranean -and in Portugal.

Food of and for Gods.

,PolpetteClean the sardines, cut them up.

Mix with stale bread that soaked in milk, an egg, pecorino cheese, pine nuts and raisins.

Roll balls and fry them.

Excellent with tomato sauce.

,Pasta with sardinesA Sicilian classic.

Apart from sardines it features wild fennel, raisins, pine nuts and is topped of with toasted breadcrumbs.

Usually served with bucatini,Marinated sardinesLet the fillets sit in wine vinegar and lemon juice.

And donu2019t forget the garlic and parsley.

Salmon with tomato sauce in oven

Yes,nwe eat Italian food everyday.

,No,nwhat you mean is not the only Italian food an Italian eats everyday.

We usually put a lot of vegetables in our pasta, our pizza is smaller and thinner than an u201camerican restaurant-chain madeu201d pizza, our ravioli portion is just we need to feed us, and usually our lasagna last for days.

,What we eat is unhealthy for us? No, until we enter a Mac Donaldu2019s.

,An example? Ok.

Yesterday was Sunday and that means for an Italian a festive day that you enjoy with family or relatives.

I started preparing my personal Italian food for 4 people from Saturday, at a local market, looking for fresh ingredients.

When at home I prepared a ragout with herbs from my garden (basil, parsley, celery), carrot, shallot passed in oil (and, yes, a little unsalted butter) and minced veal meat (born in Italy, raised in Italy, processed in Italy) and cooked it for three hours.

In the meantime I prepared an apple pie.

(Orange flavored) shortcrust pastry a mix of #1 flour and fioretto and flavored apples with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon juice, cloves.

Crumbles added at the end.


nThe next day I asked help to a young component of the family to help me making fresh pasta for ravioloni farciti (stuffed big ravioli).

We made pasta with flour, water and eggs and filled it with the meat prepared the day before (with Parmigiano Reggiano, an egg, dry breadcrumbs added).

Cooked in boiling salted water for some minutes and flavored in butter and sage leaves.

Ravioloni were 10x10 cm aside and contained 15u201320 g of meat each.

Two are enough for one person.

nIn the meantime other family components prepared marinated meat, radicchio trevigiano salad and oven baked potatoes.

A good wine matched the lunch (Chiaretto).

After a slice of apple pie and an expresso coffee, the reunion closed.

nThe next day (today) a little apple pie and some meat leftovers, uhmmmmm, what can I do? Pie for u201ccoffee and pie Italian breakfast styleu201d, and meat-filled and tuna/radicchio bell peppers portions for dinner.

nNo leftovers, no waste: this is true Italian style.

,big ravioli in the making,(what remains of) wine and apple pie , the day after.

,Minced meat leftovers? Or radicchio trevigiano? No no no u2026 On the left yellow bell peppers stuffed with veal minced meat, egg, Parmigiano Reggiano.

On the right yellow bell peppers stuffed with tuna fish, shallots and radicchio trevigiano.

Mixed both with crumbs of homemade seeds crackers u2026 Yum yum!,A great effort for Sunday, but you use it all week long!,update #1: sun sept, 29th,Ok, another Sunday passed and another lunch was consumed at home with relatives .



Sunday menu: potato gnocchi with tomato sauce, grilled beef fillet, baked potatoes and apricot tart.

Recipes and photos? They arrive .



nSimple gnocchi di patate recipe.

Yellow skin with yellow pulp potatoes 500g, #0 flour 150g, 1 medium egg yolk.

Cover potatoes with their skin, with cold water and boil them for 30-40 mins.

Put flour in a bowl and add the mashed pulp of potatoes, add the yolk u2026,filetto e patate al forno,crostata alle albicocche,update #2: sun oct, 20thnafter a long discussion with the other members of the family, a menu was established for sunday: conchiglie al salmone e ricotta (shells pasta with grilled salmon and ricotta), luganega in umido e patatine fritte (sausage with tomato sauce and oven cooked potatoes, I know: fish and meat never meet, but, in the case u2026 who cares?), torta alle mele u201calla venezianau201d (apple cake with almonds) u2026 A good prosecco millesimato wine (oops, cannot translate) will pair the meal u2026,update #3: sun nov, 3rd,The second Amatriciana day (the first one was a week ago, but I canu2019t get enough of Amatriciana u2026!) Pecorino and guanciale both from Amatrice, bucatini, tomato, salt and pepper, u2026 strong red wine u2026,update #4 (4 July 2020): thank you very much to Rossella Rosin for the suggested correction to the text.