What is your favorite quick and easy not at all spicy chicken or beefsteak recipe that can be cooked in a skillet on a stovetop?

Beef steak recipes easy

Skinless boneless breast seared over medium heat in vegetable oil and fresh chopped garlic and squeezed lime juice.

Best beef steak recipe

Low and slow, then HOT and FAST.

,That was completely wrong until a few years back you started hearing about the wonders of Sous Vide.

,Now theres not a better way to get here:,than to crank up your Sous Vide.

,A few things about steak.

,Cut and grade MATTER.

Today Im starting with a couple USDA Prime filet mignon steaks.

There is a huge difference in the end result when you start out with Prime, than if you start with Choice, and you neednt bother with Select, thats dog food.

(May as well be.

),A great steak carries its own flavor, so there is no need to add all sorts of fancy rubs or marinades.

Just LIBERALLY apply salt and pepper, let it sit on the countertop under plastic wrap for an hour and get going.

A pat of butter on the finished steak finishes it perfectly.

,The biggest problem with steak and Sous Vide is that normally people want their steak done to a different doneness.

Thats not really a problem, you just have to make sure you have plenty of prep time.

,Vacuum seal your salt and peppered steaks and start your water temperature high enough to do the steak for the person who wants it most well done.

Heres what were working with today,In my house, its my wife who likes hers on the low side of medium well.

Now, youre going to sear at the end, so leave about 5u00b0 of room, so here Im dropping my wifes steak in at 145u00b0 so that the sear will bring it up to 150 which is perfect for her.

,Let that bathe for 45 mins to an hour.

If you have the time, longer is better.

Its not true that you cant overcook things with a Sous Vide, but with this you have a TON of breathing room.

,Now, Im ready for mine.

I like mine just above rare the edge of medium rare , so I need to get the water down to 128.

Turn the sous vide down, and you can drop some ice in the water to get the temperature down quick.

You can leave the more well done steaks in, since the lower temperature will just hold them where they were after their time, and keep them safe while you do the rarer steaks.

,Let that bathe for another hour, and when you have about a half hour left, stick your cast iron pan in a cold oven and crank it up to 500u00b0,You need it BLAZING HOT.

Best to open a few windows, now.

,When your steaks are ready for their sear, take them out, cut them out of their bags, and DONT FORGET THIS STEP! Pat them dry with a few paper towels.

This helps you get a really good sear.

,Now, take the cast iron pan out of the oven and put it on the stovetop on HIGH.

Between 8 and 9.

Add a little high smoke point oil, some people like Avacado oil, since it can handle this kind of heat, personally I like about a tablespoon of Ghee,Now, put your steaks right on the blazing hot surface, give them a little shift to make sure theyre not sticking (they shouldnt be) and let them sit for 2 minutes,Yes, theyre smoking, thats why you opened the windows.

Timer goes off at 2 minutes, flip them and let them set two minutes more,Look at that beautiful sear!,When 2 minutes are up, put them on their plates and put a pat of butter on top.

Some people like herb butter, we like to keep it simple,Let them sit 5u201310 minutes before serving, dont serve them right away, or the minute you cut them, all the juices will drain out.

,A nice side of potatoes au gratin and some steamed broccoli today, and dinner is served!,Yummy!

Beef steak marinade

You donu2019t really need a marinade with a good cut.

But if youu2019re cooking sirloin or lower you want to add some water to the beef to keep it feeling moist and tender.

,Usual ingredients are,garlic cloves crushed,chili peppers crushed,beer/wine/liquor/vinegar,oil,water or soy sauce,salt and pepper.

,You can take the marinade any way you want with herbs and spices - mustard, anise, sesame oil, sesame seeds, oregeno, rosemary etc.


,I usually keep mine basic, with a brisk white wine, soy sauce, garlic, powdered rosemary.