What would happen if I eat a sweet potato for breakfast?

Microwave sweet potato before baking

Eat the sweet potato.

Savor the sweet potato.

Whou2019s going to tell you that you should not eat THAT for breakfast and hold you to it?,Come to think of it, I average at least one sweet potato breakfast per week.

Leftover mashed sweet potato from dinner the night before is stirred into a muffin batter.

Baked with pastry whole wheat, old fashioned oats, plumped dried fruit and toasted walnuts.

Or pepitas.

I have a soft spot for the crunch of pepitas.

,Ah, you say, but muffins are a breakfast food! Well, yes, but Iu2019m looking to stretch one small cup of sweet potato between three people.

Now, a sweet potato, rolled out of the skin, ready-to-mash is being considered as a main event, well, the possibilities!,Sweet potato as a leftover warmed in the microwave, very simply buttered, mashed, with a drizzle of maple syrup or a sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Maybe a dollop of Greek yogurt but I so love me some buttah!,Sweet potato warmed/cooked in the microwave, topped with a handful of chopped spinach scrambled with an egg, capped with a spoonful of salsa.

Iu2019ve done this for a quick dinner when on my own as Iu2019m certain that both stomach and body donu2019t care what I eat during a day as long as I eat.

,Sweet potato as a leftover, mashed and mixed with an egg and a tablespoon of flour, and fried into cakes in a favorite oil.

Singularly awesome with a bit of sausage, bacon bits or leftover chopped ham.

So much better topped with a spoonful of spicy fruit chutney.

,Honestly, Iu2019m finding the questions as to should foods be combined or when should food be eaten bordering close to obsessive.

Eat simple foods from fresh as often as one can manage in budget and time constraints u2026 most of us have to work for a living u2026 to fill the tummy.

I think breakfast should have a protein such as egg or yogurt or cheese if a full day of work is ahead to carry through to lunch, but one can pick up on proteins at other meals if starting with a dense carb breakfast such as a sweet potato.

,The tummy and brain do not care what you eat as long as one is full and supplying the penthouse of gray cells with the spark of steady blood sugar.

Just eat what you have time to assemble and sweet potato is definitely a nutrient-dense choice.

Enjoying what youu2019re eating no matter the hour is the biggest benefit to consider.

Easy sweet potato recipes

What are some great easy potato recipes? 11/10/20The easiest, simplest and tastiest way to do potatoes is to roast them with not much effort.

A trick I learnt from my mother.

,Prepare your chicken for roasting as per any recipe of your choice but put the sliced potatoes at the bottom of your roasting pan.

,All the flavours, fat and juices from the roast chicken will flavour the potatoes, giving you the best potatoes ever.

,Itu2019s that good, that your family will be fighting over the last crispy piece.

,You will have your meat and potatoes all done one one pan in one go, saving lots of time, hassle and washing up.

,Doesnu2019t have to be chicken.

Any roast meats will work just as well.

Healthy oven roasted sweet potatoes

Exciting question!,First of all, I am 17 and live in Denmark.

Throughout my entire life, food has played a very big role.

My mom is very interested in food, and how the wrong sorts of foods will affect your body, your mood and your health.

Healthy dietary is very important, if you want to live as disease free AND happy as possible.

Therefore, I am very aware of what foods to put in my mouth, but of course I also let myself live, and eat some pizza and mcd from time to time (and chips of).

But as far as I can remember, soda for example wasnu2019t a thing we have ever had in our house, unless we were getting guests or something, because it is so unhealthy.

And for that, I am only happy, cause when you have it in your house, itu2019s hard not to take one frequently.

,Breakfast:For the last year ish, I have been eating two boiled eggs in the morning as a minimum.

Besides that I usually make a smoothie, smoothie bowl, eat some rye bread (in danish this is something called u201crugbru00f8du201d) with avocado and cottage cheese or other u201cpu00e5lu00e6gu201d which is cold cuts such as cheese, ham and so on.

Here are some of my pictures of my previous breakfasts:,Lunch:For lunch I just like to eat either rye bread with cold cuts, vegetables, fruits, berries and stuff like that.

Again Iu2019ll leave some pictures:,In the following picture, we have some rye bread with lots of different toppings like: salad, cucumber, cod roe, remoulade, eggs, brie with redcurrant jelly, roasted onions, mayonnaise and cress :) made by me.

These types of foods are called u201cSmu00f8rrebru00f8du201d and is something that danes are very known for.

,I like to experiment with new food, here I have made some asian-inspired tuna pancakes:,Here Iu2019ve made some sweet potato fries.

Sweet potatoes are a much healthier alternative to ordinary potatoes (of course this depends on how you prepare them).

,Dinner:For dinner I just eat whatever my parents make.

This is most certainly something pretty healthy too.

We eat a lot of vegetables (Iu2019m not always eating them tho ;)) and at least one salad.

Then we usually eat some meat with it.

Iu2019ll just leave some pictures again, thats much easier:,In these first two pictures we have some sweet potatoes with filling which consists of creme fraiche with chicken and scallion, topped with tomatoes, spinach and chive.

With a glass of rose ;).

,Snacks:As for snacks, it can be literally anything.

I love making rye bread snacks, where I just cut them into small pieces with some olive oil, salt and in the oven they go.

Otherwise I take some biscuites, popcorn, a fruit or something.

It can literally be whatever, depends on what I crave.

I also like to cut some bread, and make my own garlic butter.

,If you have any questions about some of the food that I have posted or anything like that, feel free to ask!

How long to bake a sweet potato

My go to is 350 degrees for about an hour.

Make sure you pierce it with a fork so you do t have a u201cpotato explosionu201d in your oven.

Check it at 45 minutes and keep an eye on it after that.

When it is soft enough for your liking, pull that bad boy out and butter it, brown sugar it or even marshmallow it.

Iu2019m a purist, butter is my favorite.