Is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware safe?


Yes, itu2019s pretty much safe.

I have on my computer and I had no issues with it, itu2019s a good tool to remove malware, trojans etc.

,At first at your scan, it will use your CPU which will slow your computer down depends what computer you have.

,Tip: Downloading Malwarebytes at first time will get you a free premium which will last 14 days.

Best free anti spyware

When considering an anti-virus, you need to consider how viruses reach your computer and how you can stop them.

,A traditional anti-virus, that removes viruses once they are on your device, was suitable when viruses passed mostly in attachments or even in an offline way through disks.

,Today, most viruses (known as malware) reach our devices from within the browser.

This comes to no surprise as everything we do is done in our browsers environment, rather than desktop apps or programs.

(For example, using Google docs instead of Word or Youtube instead of an offline music player).

,When browsing online, you could unintentionally install malicious extensions, which in the best-case scenario will alter your browser settings and, in the worst-case, spy on you and steal your credentials.

You could have an extension that seems harmless, obtaining access to your browser settings and information.

,Considering all of this, a traditional anti-virus doesnt cut it anymore.

,Yes, it will remove a virus after its on your computer.

But why take medicine when you can get the vaccine? Using a browser protection tool like Guardio can remove and block any threats from your browser before they reach your device and cause further and sometimes irreversible damage.

Malwarebytes download

Yes, itu2019s even safe to install and run it after you download it.

Even better, pay for it and have it running all the time to prevent malware from ever infecting you.

Avira Antivirus

Good enough to keep you safe, yes.

Though it does lack compared to other AVu2019s like Bitdefender and Norton, itu2019s still one of the bigger more well known names.

Free antivirus for Windows 10

The one that comes with it.

Nowadays antivirus is not the only thing that helps you avoid security problems with your computer.

It is only part of the solution.

,The most important thing is to follow a set of basic rules.

I already gave my list in a previous answer but it isnu2019t hard to copy/paste, so here it is:,NEVER modify UAC settings and, for everyday use, create for yourself a simple user account.

Do not use an administrator account.

This way, every time an UAC prompt pops up, you have to enter a password and this gives you time to think if it is a legitimate request or notu2026,NEVER open any links received over the internet in any form (e-mail, any kind of messenger, etc.

) unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure that you received them from a legitimate source.

Double and triple check any link before opening it.

,NEVER install any software from dubious sources.

If you must install such software, scan it first with VirusTotal.

,Even when you install legitimate software, downloaded from known websites, be VERY CAREFUL and always check each install step to avoid the install of bundled unwanted apps.

NEVER use the u201cNEXT-NEXT-NEXTu201d install u201cmethodu201d.

,Avoid accessing dubious websites for any reason.

But if you must access such websites, do it from a virtual machine.

Set up such a machine and use it for any u201cdangerousu201d operations.

A VM is very easy to repair.

Just take a VM snapshot and restore it if it gets infected.

,NEVER click any links in ANY web pop-ups, no matter what problem they say your computer has (and what super-fantastic repair method they offer).

,The most important rule of all is BACKUP-BACKUP-BACKUP.

Do daily backups of your user files (or keep them in the cloud if you donu2019t have too many).

I keep all my documents in the cloud (though I also have local backups).

,Also, do periodic system images.

This is also VERY IMPORTANT.

I take a new system image every month and always keep 2 copies.

This way, even if a cryptolocker like malware infects your computer, you just restore the system image from backup and the problem is solved.