What is the best way to make pasta Alfredo?

Alfredo recipe pasta

I love Alfredo and I make it just before weu2019re ready to eat.

Take a few smashed garlic and sautu00e9 in some butter.

Remove the garlic, add salt & pepper and flour and mix a cream sauce.

I usually make it in the microwave.

When I have the consistency of sauce I want, I add about 1C of Parmesan and stir the sauce cooking for a few minutes.

I also have been frying up some bacon pieces because itu2019s so good on top of the pasta and sauce.

When my kids were younger I would add peas to the sauce(the get them to eat something green, they didnu2019t eat salad) and serve it with bacon pieces on top.

It was always a fave for dinner, and actually easy to make

Fettuccine pasta recipe

There are only two basic recipes for any sort of Italian pasta .


Flour, water and saltu2026 or, Flour, water, salt and egg.

Either may or may not include a dash of oil.

Fettucine is an egg-containing pasta.