Im 14, what canshould I do?

What should i eat for breakfast wheel

I donu2019t know how much this applies to all 14-year-olds, but Iu2019ll give it a shot.

I am almost 15, you know.


,(Am forced to) wake up early,Sleep late,Skip breakfast,Eat a poor breakfast,Regret not eating enough,Eat the same lunch.



Day,Remember my mom still packs my lunch,Imagine what it would be like to be able to drive,Freak out about how soon I actually will be behind the wheel,Go to highschool,Hang out with friends,Treasure moments with best friends,Challenge Marvin Chen ( u0cb8u203fu0cb8),Crush on too many people,Occasionally fight with parents,Get into arguments about stupid things,Eagerly await first kiss (maybe thatu2019s just me ; - ;),^ Or any romance in general (again I might be alone on this one ; - ;),Remember everything,Forget how to function,Study hard for hours,Half-ass all my assignments,Hate myself,Hate everyone else,Struggle to play cello,Am glued to the computer,Bike, hike, walk outside in the fresh air,Compare myself to others every single moment of every single day,Donu2019t appreciate moments with friends, family, and classmates enough,Write corny answers on Quora,This past year has probably been the most substantial in my life so far.

Lotsa stuff going on.

Lotsa thinking.

Lotsa fighting.

Lotsa good times.

Lotsa really bad ones.

At times, we 14-year-olds may seem like a whole other species; at others, weu2019re your best friend.



take it easy on us, okay? (uff3euff3e)uff42,P.


Youu2019ve got to give me some credit for how that list looks.

Itu2019s actually really awesome.

And completely unintentional.