What thoughts or memories keep you up at night?

Foods that keep you awake for studying

CONFESSION: Its 2:05 am now and Im afraid of 3:07am after watching Conjuring, Ill try to nod off before that.

,So finally youve wasted another day of your precious life.

,Nevermind, Im gonna start afresh tomorrow.

,Ill wake up early and meditate for a few minutes, make myself a cup of green tea and then go for a run.

,Ill take bath and start studying asap.

,Ill prepare a topic and then speak in front of the mirror.

,While preparing for the topic I can apply a face pack.

But but but, which pack is the best? Should I use rose water?,Ill bite my food 32 time.

Itll help me reduce weight.

,Iu2019ll drink at least 5 litres of water tomorrow.

,Tomorrows gonna be the most productive day ever!,Btw, where the duck is my best friend? Anand Shankar Today is his bday! He told me he wont sleep so early.

What should I eat btw? Hes obviously going to send the money via Paytm.

,My brain u201cI can still wake up at 5:30 if I sleep now, I wont die if I sleep for three hours just one dayu201d followed by u201cEh, who are you kidding?u201d

Drinks to keep you awake at work

Coffee contains a chemical called caffeine which is responsible for keeping the person awake.

,In a normal human body, there is a chemical known as adenosine in every human cell.

It has various functions one of which is to act as a nervous system depressant.

Every waking hour the amount of adenosine increases in the body and ultimately by night time the amount is high enough to make us fall asleep.

Now there are adenosine receptors that bind with adenosine to produce this effect.

,The caffeine is very similar to the adenosine.

Thus when we drink coffee the caffeine in it is mistaken for adenosine by the receptors and binds with them.

Thus the caffiene effectively prevents the adenosine - receptor bonding which is the cause of sleepiness.

,It is important to note that the adenosine activity mentioned before is an important mechanism in the body and we are actually disrupting it by drinking coffee.

Use of coffee may temporarily keep sleep at bay but it actually makes you sleepier in the long run .

Our bodies are a highly evolved machine and thus when it finds that the amount of adenosine receptors are not enough to make the person sleepy, it increases the no of adenosine receptors in the brain.

This new receptors bond with the REAL adenosine and the required effect is obtained by the body( sleepiness).

So if you drink coffee regularly the no of adenosine receptors are increased in the brain and the increased adenosine - receptor pairing will cause even more sleepiness and tiredness.

Thus you need more caffeine than before to fool the receptors.

This is why regular coffee drinkers need more and stronger coffee as time goes by to get rid of sleepiness every morning.

Drinks that keep you awake for studying

I think beverages like tea or coffee will whichever you prefer will be the best one to keep you awake for the whole night,Coffee contaims caffeine which is the secret behind this u2026.

drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee at intervals will help you to remain awake,And also you will remain fresh and there will be no signs of feeling sleepy or tired .

you can study with a good and fresh mind which is most important,All the best for ur xams !!!