Can zucchini and squash be used interchangeably in recipes?

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Rice stuffed patty pan squash

Zucchini is a squash, in the summer squash class, there are others in that class that can be used instead of zucchini.

It also depends on the recipe.

If it is raw like a salad or grated for bread, or spiral noodles, a casserole or baked squash or ratatouille, try these: gooseneck (thin yellow skin, white fruit inside with a slight curve like a neck), Mexican squash-a smaller rounder version of zucchini, patty pan squash-comes in varying skin colors from white, pale green, yellow to orange-shaped like a flower with curves, the inside is similar to zucchini.

Most of these one doesnu2019t need to peel and it is best not to otherwise they get very soggy.

Look for small fruits, they are tender, with small tender seeds.

For stuffed baked squash choose ones about the size of regular eggplant, cut in half lengthwise, make a trench inside removing seeds and fill with rice, meat, veggies, etc.

,Squashes that are the fall or winter squashes usually have a harder skin, a different type of flesh, usually dark yellow to orange possibly reddish.

They have a different nutrient palate.

These are more like pumpkins another form of squash.

When cooked some like Butternut will hold their shape while the most turn mushy and are great puru00e9ed for side dishes/soups.

The seeds are edible but more as a roasted snack than like the zucchini type.