What is the comparison between Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steak House?

Grilled shrimp salad with lettuce

Outback Steak house (OB) vs Texas Roadhouse (TR),well in this case is a comparison of branding, styles of presentation, and flavor profiles.

so i will break down some of the comparable items and the difference in their flavors.

,Signature Apps:The Bloominu2019 onion (OB) VS Cactus Blossom (TR)While outback was not the original creator of the dish, (Scottyu2019s steak house in new jersey in 70u2019s) it did bring it to the forefront of the public eye in the late 80u2019s as one of their signature Apps.

((sorry not available on iPhone or Google play)),Both versions bare basically a carefully cut large onion dipped in eggwash and seasoned flour, the only major difference is the type of sauce accompaniment.

a Spicy bloom sauce for OB Vs a cajun horseradish for TR,Gold Coast Coconut shrimp (OB) vs Grilled ShrimpFor OB we have Shrimp, battered with coconut and panko breadcrumbs, deep fried and paired with a creole marmalade.

For TR, we have shrimp that have been drizzled with garlic pepper butter and grilled, (extra butter and toasted bread on side with app),Similar Generic Apps:Chili cheese Fries,Spicy chicken wings,Different App OptionsTexas Roadhouse,Ribs - a small cut of the ribs served as main entree,Chili,Tater skins,Fried pickles,Rattlesnake bites - Diced jalapeu00f1os and jack cheese, hand-battered, lightly-fried and served with Cajun Horseradish sauce for dipping.

,Outback,Quesadillas - both steak and chicken,Seared peppered Ahi Tuna,Volcano Shrimp - Crispy shrimp tossed in a spicy Volcano sauce and topped with green onions.

,u201cSignatureu201d Salads:when comparing the 2 menus side by side for the salad offerings they are virtually identical.

there some flashy branding of some of the ingredients like Aussie crumbles, or Chicken Critter salad.

but basically have the same core 6 salads.

Caesar, house, grilled chicken, fried chicken, steak, and Caesar with meat options.

,From the Grill:the major difference for the grilled options is source of heat on the grill and the proprietary seasoning, Outback uses a wood fired grill, where as Texas uses combination of a flat top grill and standard gas char-Grill,Beef - Both carry a hefty line of steaks in various cuts and sizes for each cut.

In general the old cliche applies u201ceverything is bigger in texas,u201d offering one size larger cut or being 1u20133 ounces larger in the cuts offered.

,Sirloin - both have this as the first menu option generally meaning they consider it their top item.

,Filet Mignon,NY Strip,Ribeye - both off bone and bone in options,Porterhouse,Prime Rib,Chopped steak - Steak Trimmings pressed together and covered with sauteed mushrooms and onions, gravy,cheese.

TR markets this as u2018Roadkillu201d,TR also offers,Beef tips,Country fried steak,Steak Kebab,Filet Medallions,Chicken - Both offer a standard Grilled Chicken breast, and chicken Tenders/strips.

,TR Offerings,Portabello mushroom - Grilled, marinated chicken breast with Portobello Mushroom sauce, jack cheese and fresh Parmesan cheese.

,Roasted Half Chicken,BBQ half chicken,Smothered Chicken - Grilled, marinated chicken breast with sautu00e9ed onions, sautu00e9ed mushrooms and choice of cream gravy or jack cheese.

,Grilled bbq chicken breast - Marinated 1u20442 lb.

breast basted in our BBQ sauce.

,Country fried chicken - Tender, all white meat chicken breast, hand-battered, golden-fried and topped with made-from-scratch cream gravy.

,Outback Offerings,Alice Springs Chicken - Wood-fire grilled chicken breast topped with sautu00e9ed mushrooms, crisp bacon, melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar and honey mustard sauce.

,Queensland chicken and shrimp pasta - Fettuccine noodles tossed in a creamy Parmesan cheese sauce.

Add grilled shrimp or chicken breast, or choose both.

,Parmesean herb crusted - Wood-fire grilled chicken topped with a Parmesan-Herb crust and a fresh tomato basil garnish.

,Ribs and Pork - Both offer full and half slab baby back Ribs, Porkchops, with TR offering an additional option of pulled pork dinner.

,Seafood: both offer grilled salmon,and shrimp options,TR - Fried Catfish dinner,OB - Tilapia with lump crab meat, and Lobster Tails,Combos: both chains have a variety of entree combinations mixing the steaks, chicken, seafood, and rib options.

TR seems to have a bit more flexibility in the options,SandwichesBurgers - all of them come with Lettuce tomato and onion from both restaurants with fries and a pickle,Outback burgers,Bloomin burger - Topped with Bloomin Onionu00ae petals, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and our spicy signature bloom sauce.

,Outback burger - Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mustard.

,Grass Fed Burger - 100% Grass-Fed, sustainably raised premium beef patty topped with aged Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and a garlic aioli.

,Roadhouse burgers,all American - a u00bd lb.

of fresh ground chuck and topped with American cheese.

Served on a toasted, Texas-sized bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion,Bacon cheeseburger - A u00bd lb.

of fresh ground chuck topped with bacon strips and American cheese.

Served on a toasted, Texas-sized bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

,Smokehouse burger - A u00bd lb.

of fresh ground chuck topped with sautu00e9ed mushrooms, onions and BBQ sauce over American and jack cheeses.

Served on a toasted, Texas-sized bun with lettuce, tomato, and onion,Other Sandwiches,TR offers BBQ chicken sandwich, mushroom jack chicken sandwich, and pulled pork Sandwich,OB offers a grilled chicken with swiss and bacon and honey mustard and a fried chicken sandwhich.

,Side ItemsBoth offer a variety of potatoes (Baked, mashed, fries), sweet potato, mixed Veg, and Broccoli,Outback - Asparagus, mac and cheese, and smaller portions of their salads,Texas Roadhouse - Corn, applesauce, seasoned rice, southern style green beans, and a house salad.

,So after about 4 hours of menu analysis i hope this has definitely answer the question.


in all i think TR has stayed more true to the theme of southwestern steaks and barbecue where as the OB has u201cAustralianu201d theme but mixes in Mexican, and Continental.

,2020 Update:so i went back to see if this is still current and it very much is, the menus havenu2019t changed all that much aside from their monthly special offerings.

also as mentioned yes Texas roadhouse does let you hand pick your steak you want IF you remember to ask.

,also as we become more aware and cooking for food allergies and sensitivities i should mention anyone with a peanut allergy simply should not eat at Texas roadhouse just as a safety factor.

the open peanuts that you can shell and throw on the floor area potential hazard.

when you first enter they are sometimes one of the first things you can smell amongst the steaks and aromatic hardwoods used in the decor.

,along the same lines neither has anything listed as gluten free on their menus and the average food service provider may not know what to recommend.

Shrimp salad with lettuce and tomato

My dad has Mexican ancestry and he tells me the way they eat Mexican food in Australia and Europe is worse than the Taco Bell horror you get in the USA.

,In Mexico a taco is made with a small and soft, corn tortilla (slightly fried).

You add your meat, put onion, cilantro, lots of lime and a good salsa.

Thatu2019s a real taco.

,In Sweden, for example.

They add everything but those ingredients.

They get a hard shell tortilla, add ground beef, taco seasoning, nachos, cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, well, half your fridgeu2019s veggies and you add whatever leftovers you have which can throw into this u201ctacou201d and if it doesnu2019t fit anymore, you just eat it like a salad.

,This is how tacos are supposed to look like.

Simple cold shrimp salad

With shrimp salad, I would love some sort of pasta; either hot or cold.

A few that come to mind are warm linguine with either simple olive oil and garlic or a light lemon pepper (congruent with a previous answer, citrus flavors of any kind will go well with cold shrimp).

Tomatoes also complement shrimp well.

Toss some in with the linguine or serve on the side.

,Rice or orzo, hot or cold, would also go well with shrimp salad.

Keep it simple and highlight the creaminess of the rice or orzo in contrast with the tang of the shrimp salad.

Cook with lots of butter and cheese and lightly dust with fresh herbs when serving.

,Makes me hungry! Hope this helps.


Cold shrimp salad recipes

Ah, I was A2Ad on this, by someone who knows how I loathe these horrors of dining.

These were part of many a childhood nightmare growing up because my fatheru2019s family insisted on these for every single family or holiday meal.

In some sick twisted form or another.

They really seemed to believe this ad,Any of these can be made in a ring mold, or if you are feeling fancy, pick up one of the vintage fish or other shaped molds.

,So below, fill your eyes with some of the traumas of my childhood.

ALL of these and some I canu2019t find the recipes to were part of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (yes, a different one for that), Easter, Sunday meals, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Birthdays (even mine despite protests, I really just wanted cake),,Six-Layer Gelatin SaladGrandmau2019s Sunshine Salad Recipe | SimplyRecipes.

comHow To Eat Like A Midwesterner: Jello Salad | Fargo-MoorheadThis was one of the less disgusting tuna versions.

,Gingered Lime GelatinThis one was popular for one of the Xmas meals because u201cOh the colors!u201d Molded Vegetable Salad As was this,Christmas Jello Mold1 (3 oz.

) package raspberry jello,1 (16 oz.

) bag frozen raspberries (This is my addition as I am not a fan of plain jello; however, the original recipe does not call for raspberries),1 (3 oz.

) package lemon jello,1 (8 oz.

) package cream cheese, softened (about 20 seconds each side in microwave),1 (3 oz.

) package lime jello,1 (20 oz.

) can crushed pineapple,Dissolve raspberry jello in 1 cup boiling water.

Add 1/2 bag frozen raspberries and stir until thawed.

Add 1 cup cold water and stir.

Pour into a 10 inch fluted tube pan or 3 quart ring mold coated with non-stick cooking spray.

Chill until firm, about 1 1/2 hours.

,Dissolve lemon jello in 1 cup boiling water.

Beat in the cream cheese until smooth.

Gently pour over firm raspberry jello.

Chill until firm.

,Dissolve lime jello in 1 cup boiling water.

Drain pineapple well, reserving juice and add enough water, if needed to equal 3/4 cup.

Stir crushed pineapple and reserved juice into lime jello.

Gently pour over creamy layer.

Refrigerate until very firm or overnight.

Gently un-mold onto a serving plate.

,Molded Shrimp SpreadThere were also several u201cfamily recipesu201d that, I never bothered learning because I wanted to continue liking certain foods.

,Bon Apetit!

Shrimp salad recipes

It doesnu2019t matter.

My unclesu2019 funerals are over u2026 a long time ago.